Four point oh!

Exciting news!!

That 4.0 from last session at DeVry?  Still there!!

I was a bit worried.. why you ask?  I had the worst professor EVER.  I mean this is only my second session at DeVry but this guy was like halfway there but kind of not really.  As a result he never posted in discussion threads, never provided feedback on homework and never answered questions in a timely manner.  Well by week seven of eight I had pretty much had it with this dude.  I was still missing about half a dozen grades in the gradebook.  Luckily I was not the only one getting fed up with homeboy over there.  There were tons of e-mails going back and forth between classmates as everyone was scrambling and freaking out and discussing what to do.  Well anyway... I completed my final test and then basically washed my hands of it all..

Until I got one of those grades that was missing back.  He has taken 10 points off of a 60 point assignment and he told me four things when providing me with feedback.. "sketchy, ill developed and lacking color... more like a highly developed thumbnail."  Seriously dude?  I followed the directions word for word.  Did what I was supposed to do and now you are just going to take random points off?  So I may or may not have fired back and said that it would have been nice if he would have helped and then suggested that he reconsider next session considering how this one went.

Ooopss... in retrospect, probably not the smartest move.

So then I spent 3 full days stressing about what could make or break my session.  And regretting posting so hastily (ever have one of those moments?)  Thank goodness he decided to not be a total prick and passed me with an A.

Carry on 4.0.. carry on.

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  1. Congrats on the 4.0!! That's impressive!!

  2. Great job girl! You will have professors, customers, and managers like that throughout your life. The best advice I can give is type the email and save it as a draft and let it sit for an hour or overnight. I have found most times after reflection I modify it drastically before hitting send or don't send it at all. ;-)

  3. Thanks Jenn!

    Yeah I should have but I was just so heated.. oh well. I passed, so I'm lucky. =) Thanks Dad!