Need to get this out of my system.

First I'd like to start by saying it was a WONDERFUL weekend here.  Friday I helped my sister move out of her sorority house and into a house house.  Saturday I got ALL my Christmas shopping done with one of my frannns..  Today I got to see Trans Siberian Orchestra and the Chiefs woooooooped some butt!  Hell to the yes.  So good weekend?  Most definitely.

But one thing has been driving me nuts all weekend.  This "celebration" of the war in Iraq being over.  Yes, by all means that is an outstanding reason to celebrate.  We no longer have troops there.. one less unstable place for our men and women to be occupying.  BUT.. those troops aren't home.  Some, yes.  Not all.  And the media/president/leaders want Americans to believe that these troops are going to be home for the holidays and on safe ground.  WRONG.  The majority are temporarily in Kuwait.  Some will be heading home.. but a lot will just be reassigned to Afghanistan.  For those of us close to the military, that is not a reason to celebrate.. at all.

Sidenote, I've been kind of emotional lately.  I don't know why.

I just want to shout at the top of my lungs that what we see/hear on the news, is not necessarily the real deal.   Some people are just so naive and take what they hear as the truth and don't ever question it.. and it kills me.

Please let me know if you know/sympathize with what I'm saying.

And one more thing while I am getting some ranting out of my system.  I HATE bandwagon people.  For example.. last weekend the Chiefs had 23958221987 million negative status' about them.  This week they beat the undefeated Packers, and now all of a sudden EVERYONE loves them again.  Shut up, no you don't.

I love the Kansas City Chiefs.. Monday through Sunday.. 365 days a year 24/7.  Yeah they have their suck weekends.  And yeah they piss me off, but you'll NEVER hear me say that I'm not a fan or that I hate them.

Just to be clear.

Oh.. and FINAL thing.  It frustrates me so much that the only way I have to communicate with my husband is through technology.  If for whatever reason, technology is out on either end.. then we are S.O.L.  If the technology is sucking big time, oh well.. can't do nothing about it.  Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for the technology but I miss rolling over in bed and having my husband there, or looking down the couch and having him there.  Over this deployment stuff.

I cried when they thanked the troops at Trans Siberian Orchestra today.  And I'm not ashamed to admit it.

(Like I said, EMOTIONAL.)

End being negative nelly over huuuuuur.

I have one of my grades back for this session.  94%. Waiting on my other class still.. but I'm feeling pretty dang confident about that 4.0 carrying through another session. =)

It's the week before Christmas.  I'm actually not dreading this week quite so much.  I feel it will go fast and then it will be time to load P's kennel up and jet off to my parentals for a SLUMBER PARTY/celebration.  Maybe I'm finally starting to feel in the mood?

Now just presents to wrap.  An apartment to clean.. and a few days of getting up way earlier than I like to and I can say I survived Christmas.

Whose with me?

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  1. Aw, I'm with ya. I used to be an idiot that just went by whatever was being broadcast on the news- until we got into the Army and saw what was REALLY going on. People who aren't in it just don't get it. It's tough to hear about folks celebrating when, in reality, a lot of folks are NOT home and are still in danger. I'm glad Iraq is wrapping up, but sad for the families who still don't have their loved ones home with them... (hugs to YOU!!)

    Fairweather fans drive me nuts too. :)

    Hope you have a fun week and enjoy the holidays!! Merry Christmas to your husband as well and pass along my thanks for his (and your!) service!!!!

  2. So true that what they feed us on the news is not necessarily the truth. So man people just believe blindly.

  3. @ Jenn--I used to be that way too. It's amazing how eye opening it can be to be associated with something like the Army. Merry Christmas back to you.. I will pass on the thanks.. and thank YOU as well for all you and your family do.

    @ Jamie--It drives me nuts that they believe blindly and never question the truth.. imagine what we could tell them and get away with!