Admiring how sharply my first name is written.

It is like I blink and another week is gone.. and here is it way too late at night and I find the desire to blog.  I promise to my readers that next week I will try harder to blog more than once a week.  :)

Since my last post was so down in the dumps like this post will be more uplifting so here goes...

I got fitted for a bridesmaids dress today.  I am down a dress size at David's Bridal from the dress I wore in a wedding this last May.  By the time this wedding rolls around I may have to have it taken in even more.  THAT makes me a happy camper.

I'm on week 3 of working out 3 times a week.  I'm seeing some results and my dad even pointed out that my face looked thinner.  They say it takes a month to build a routine.. that would be next week!  I've found the key is going after I've already had to get up and go for the day.  There is absolutely no way to get me up out of the house to go work out.. but if I'm already out, I will drive myself to the gym and do a workout.

This week I have been operating without a meal plan.  I'm not sure if meal planning is the way for me yet.  Maybe when hubs is home and I have someone else to cook for.  But right now it's just as easy for me to cook whatever I feel like cooking at the moment then to have some recipe planned that takes 4201984 hours to cook.  Yeah, have I mentioned I'm not someone who enjoys cooking?

On Wednesday I scored the most awesome faux leather jacket ever for $17!  I plan on wearing it with the dress I found for the birthday celebration planned for next month.. and the sparkly heels I ordered off of eBay Thursday.  I'm such a sucker for fabulous heels that look out of place in Kansas.  I'd post pictures but it is even going to be a surprise to YOU all.

Earlier this evening I caught up with an old friend.  Sometimes I feel like those couple hours are needed.  Reminds you that you aren't alone in this adventure called life.  And while Derek and I go way back on the timeline of friendships, we've both matured and changed along the way but somehow maintained a friendship even though we are both VERY different people.  I'm thankful for that.

Just like I caught up with Derek.. I also had an opportunity to go to dinner with my parents.  After spending the majority of the week alone, minus the time spent with my boss at work.. it's ALWAYS nice to go out with people that know me and get all caught up on everything.  Especially when those people are able to talk back and not just look at me like I am crazy like Piston has a tendency to do.

I scheduled a whole bunch of appointments for pre-R&R maintenance.  It's getting realer.  My hubby will be home with me in this apartment before I know it!  Believe me, we are anxiously awaiting THAT return!

That about sums up this week in a nutshell.  The dog has decided that since I am awake I can take him out again.. even though I'm sure it will be a minor tinkle when we climb all the way down from the third floor... brat.  This trend MUST change as he has been waking me up more and more in the middle of the night to explore.  Where's your husband when you need him??

Happy weekend all!


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  1. Yay for knowing what gets you to the gym! I do believe that is about 65% of the battle. :)

    And the third floor??? You have to take that big dog down three flights of stairs all the time??? You are good. (Also, I suspect you could skip calf workouts at the gym with all of that stair-climbing.) I get a little pissy having to haul Sam up the one flight of stairs every time I have to do a diaper change. I really HATE stairs. LOL

    1. I can definitely see how that is the case. I planned on working out before work Wednesday and I ended up sleeping right up to work, meanwhile telling myself I'd go AFTER work.. yeah no getting me up.

      Luckily he walks himself, where I feel Sam probably doesn't. :) It definitely tones my legs (and arms when I carry things) since we go outside so many freaking times! LOL.

  2. Wooohoo for being a size smaller! That is awesome! Working out 3 days a week is so good. I really should be doing that too, but it's hard to make yourself do it. Bravo to you!

    I can't wait to see your birthday outfit! Leather jackets and sparkly heels sound awesome.

    1. I'm hoping it's as great as the image I have in my head. :)