The lovely Janey at A Few of My Favorite Things tagged me.. and I must oblige.  :)  Janey's blog is easily one of my favorite reads.. so if you've got a moment, drop by and send her some loving!

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Eleven Facts
1. My hair is naturally red and my personality absolutely matches it.

2. I call my husband my high school sweetheart.. EVEN THOUGH he technically blew me off senior year and didn't become 100% "interested" until he was in the Army. (read about that HEREEEE.)

3. On my upper left thigh I have a very jagged 2 and a half inch long scar from a bicycle accident when I was 11 that got me out of gym class at the time and made me VERY self conscious for years.

4. I'm a military wife that lives in the same state, less than 20 minutes away from my parents.  Right now at least.  Unheard of, right?

5. I'm a purse and jeans girl.  Give me a few extra dollars and I'm out buying one or the other.

6. My car is a stick shift.  I drive it like a badass.  If I do say so myself.

7. I'd rather swim in a lake over a swimming pool or the ocean ANYDAY.

8. My life would not be the same without a dog in it.  I <3 my furbaby so very much.

9. When I think about the future I think of a nice suburban neighborhood with a two story house, a family, a dog or two, a decent amount of money and happiness.  But who doesn't think of success when they think of the future?

10. I'm addicted to bejeweled.

11. I love having the windows open, music on, football on TV and laughter ringing throughout the house/neighborhood/day.  In fact, I live for those days.

Eleven Questions:
1. What's your favorite beauty product? My MaryKay mascara.. I have long eyelashes as it is.. but they are blonde.  But this mascara makes my eyes pop, or at least I think.  That or my facewash.. which makes me feel so clean!

2. Most romantic memory with your spouse/significant other? The day he asked me to be his girlfriend.  Or the day he asked me to marry him.  Or the day we got married.  Although the last one was a major blur since it only lasted like 5 minutes.

3. What's the best advice your mom ever gave you? My mom believes in doing what makes you happy.. and I feel like she subtly reminds me of that every once in awhile.

4. Favorite ice cream flavor? Cookies 'n' cream.

5. Would you rather be deserted on a desert island alone or with someone that could hinder your survival? This is a TOUGH one.  I'm having a hard time with this whole being alone crap as it is.. so probably with someone that could hinder my survival.  At least I'd die happy.

6. When you were 6, what did you want to be when you grew up? Oh goodness.  I have no idea.  I wanted to be all sorts of things growing up.. My parents could tell you probably.

7. What's your favorite holiday and why? July 4th.  SO freaking patriotic.  Makes me proud to be an American.  :)  Plus it's warm and usually spent at the lake or with friends and family.

8. If you could change anything about your spouse what would it be? That he were home.  Obviously. Or I'd make it so he WANTED to take the dog out every single time.. when it is cold, raining, snowing, etc.. he'd WANT to do it, not be forced. :)

9. Are you a dreamer or a realist? I have BIG dreams.. but I know you have to be a realist on some aspects.. but I'd say I'm more of a dreamer.

10. What is your favorite part of blogging? Comments.. is that an answer?  Probably feeling like someone needs my opinion, two cents, assurance, etc.

11. If money was no object, what would you want to do with the rest of your life? Nothing!  Live by the lake, go out on the water daily, have a chef that cooked fabulous meals 3 times a day and sleep till I wanted. Bahaha I'm so lame.

Eleven New Questions:
1. If you could drive any car you wanted, what would you drive?
2. Are you a clean freak or let the house get a little messy kind of person?
3. What is your dream job and why?
4. If you have the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do?
5. What is one personal goal you have for yourself?
6. What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?
7. When did you know that your significant other/spouse was someone you wanted to be with?
8. Do you have any pets?  If so, what are they?  If not, do you want any?
9. Do you make the bed when you get up in the morning?
10. Are you more comfortable in the city or the country or somewhere in between?
11. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

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  1. So not lame. That is what I want too, but on the ocean. I think that is so funny that you are literally down the road from where your parents live! That is awesome! I have to say, although I love Hawaii, my parents have talked about moving out here in a few years and I would looove to be close to them again.

    1. It has its pros and it has its cons. I love having them close but I also loved having my own space.. so it's a win/lose.