Holy cow.
Shortest weekend. Ever.

Wish I had more time at home doing NOTHING.

So the car is out of jail and there has been no more deployment talk.  Two pluses in my book.  And the doctor's appointment was... well...

I went in and apparently was only scheduled to get lab work done.  As in, not even an appointment scheduled to talk to mister blood man.  Huh?  Awesome.  He happened to walk in as the needle was in my arm (great distraction I will admit.. )(sorry if you hate needles and I just made you squirm.) and I was like.. so what's up dude?  Apparently my lupus anticoag test came back negative.  But abnormal.  It showed I MIGHT have a factor deficiency.  Which would basically be the opposite of the hypercoagulability stuff I have been testing positive up to this point with.  Instead of my blood clotting too much, I would bruise and bleed too easily (both things I feel aren't the case.)  So he had me come in to do some factor blood work.  At the end of the day my blood is being difficult and not testing the same.. except the mutation (I would assume...)  and I got freaked out thinking they had found something else, when in reality it was along the same lines as the rest of the test.  Will know more when these results come back within the week..

No pressure or anything..
Did I mention it's at a cancer center?

You can rest now heart.

Did I tell y'all my boss found a supplement for me that makes my anxiety chill out?  God send.

In other news.. I am in the process of breaking Piston of the habit of drinking out of the toilet.  He is a purebred VERY expensive dog as my husband likes to remind me.  It's really more of a pain in the ass for me because I have to remember to put the toilet seat down in my own dang house.  And I fill up his water bowl like a hundred times, any good suggestions on big bowls for dogs?  Headed to Petsmart tomorrow I think to check out their selection.

He loves the $20 Walmart rug that was purchased for the bedroom but doesn't fit.. it's like a super sized puppy bed in the middle of the living room.  Spoiled much?

Today was day one of what I hope to be a trend.  The last few months have consisted of me making small changes to my diet (although I picked back up drinking soda again.. when this carton of 24 cans is out.. I'm quitting... again.  Thank goodness I can quit cold turkey.) and today I went back to the gym.  I plan on going Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays after work for 45 minutes to an hour.  Then I can have Wed, Friday, Saturday and Sunday free and I don't have to worry about squeezing it in my schedule.  Tomorrow I will be sore.  Because I did a 30 minute interval training on the sitting bike (some dudes had their young kids taking up one of the 3 treadmills, the other treadmill I couldn't get to start and the third one some dude was on..) then roughly 10 minutes of strength training.  3 sets of 10 reps at the weights I used when I still went to the gym regularly (I used to work at a gym.. so I have experience with all of this) so roughly 40 on arms and 80 on legs.  Which was light for my legs, but didn't want to kill myself too much after all the biking.  Finally I did a mile on the elliptical.  I HATE the elliptical. So bad.  A mile took 12 minutes 34 seconds.  Going to keep track of it so I can witness my improvement.  Hey, I have a husband coming home this year and a best friend getting married!! Time to step it up.

I was still moving.. 

Anyway now that the weekend of shopping, family time and drinks are over it is time to focus on this next week.. and making the best of everyday.  Who is with me?

My cute outfit from Saturday. =)


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  2. Cute picture of you! We used to have this water bowl for our dogs that had an inverted 2 liter bottle on it, so that it would replenish itself with water (well, until it emptied the 2 liter, that is). Seemed to work well for them. Good luck with all the testing.. that is some stressful stuff.

    1. Thanks girl!

      I've seen those water bowls.. but luckily the one I ended up getting is perfect! The bowl is HUGE.. so I don't refill it as often as his other bowls.