You better shape up 2012.

Two days ago I was excited for 2012 and what it may or may not have in store for me and my little family.  Even my 2012 horoscope reflected some GREAT things...

"Communication plays a vital role in your romantic life, especially during the first half of the year. If you let your words drip like honey, you'll be amazed at how many opportunities for love open up. This year, you're being tested to only speak and think from a place of love, rather than one of fear and paranoia. When you jump to conclusions and react accordingly, you're bound to create serious damage to your love life." 
Source: Yahoo.

How true is this?  The first half of the year my hubby will remain deployed... so all we have to stay close is communication.  Since it is a deployment.. I have to keep my fears out of the conversation, just like my horoscope says and refrain from doing my natural first instinct... jump to conclusions.  Let's just say the first part pretty much nailed it.  As did the second part...

"Get all your writing and other important correspondence finished before June, because the second half of 2012 could have you consumed in a hunt for a new home." 
Source: Yahoo.

Once Rob returns home we will be off to the next adventure.  Which will include a new home IN THE SECOND HALF.  Goodness.. pretty right on this year.  =)

And then Tuesday morning happened...

When I got to my car to head to work, I did what I almost always do... go to the trunk to get a bottle of water out (hey I live on the third floor!  I'm not lugging that shit all the way up there...) to drink with my breakfast on my drive in.. oh hey surprise.. key won't open trunk.  In fact the lock was stuck in the opposite direction of open.  And the lever inside the car you ask?  When you pulled it nothing happened.. it was like nothing was connected to the lever.  Greattttt... As a result.  I had to get up today (on my morning off mind you!) to drive my car to the auto shop and meet up with my Mom to borrow a car (since hubby's car is dead as a door nail battery wise.. oops.)  On Friday I will pay nearly $200 to get my car out of jail the shop.  Not exactly a positive start.  Buuuuuut, that's not all...

The Friday before Christmas I went in to see a blood doctor about my hypercoagulation disorder (blood clots too much/easily).  I had gotten some blood work done at my primary doctor and she had referred me to this guy to look over some of the things that had popped up.  The general moral of the story is I have an inherited mutation from either my Dad or Mom's side (both have a history of blood clotting) that obviously  makes my blood clot easily.  This will become a factor when Rob and I go to start a family.  I will have to be on blood thinners and more than likely see a high-risk doctor.  Okay, not that bad.  We can handle that.  I also tested positive for this Lupus Anticoag (not to be confused with the cancer...).  Which is something to be concerned about if you test positive for it more than once and have a miscarriage and a blood clot.  Obviously I haven't had the last two.  So he ran some more blood work on me before I left that day to see if I tested for it again.  Then he sent me on my way with no follow up appointment or anything.  Today I got a phone call from a nurse/someone in his office saying that my blood work came back and I tested negative for the Lupus Anticoag (yay!!!) but some other things had shown up that he wants me to come back in and get further testing done on.  That's it.  That's all they said.  When they called to schedule she said he wanted me to come in as soon as possible.  I set up an appoint for Friday at 1.  And I get to play the waiting/guessing game until then.  I may or not be super stressed out about this as I have zero idea what he saw that has him concerned..

And one last thing while we discuss this fantastic start to 2012... Rob is set to be done with his enlistment in 2014.  Which leaves us with just under 2 years when he gets back this year.  The other day the possibility of another deployment within that 2 year period came up.. this time not to the relatively safe Kuwait, but it would be to somewhere far more dangerous.  Like Afghanistan.  I'm trying not to think about this as this is the military.  One day we could be preparing for another deployment and the next we are headed to a non-deployable unit.  But lets face it, I can't help it.

So far no good 2012.
I'm hoping things start looking better..
Like tomorrow.

Anyway, hope everyone else is having a fantastic start to this crazy year.  Tomorrow it's supposed to be like 60 degrees.  I'm pumped.  Minus the fact I will be inside working all but two hours of daylight time.  Being an adult sucks some times.  =)

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  1. Wow that horoscope is crazy!! Like they wrote it just for you. :) Sorry to hear about your car. I hate it when money has to go towards such boring, grown-uppy things like that. ;)

    Will be praying for you and your appt on Friday!!! Good luck!!!

  2. I'm so sorry. That is so much stress in just a couple days! My goodness. I hope it all gets straightened out, your car doesn't go to jail ever again lol, that everything works out with your doctor and your husband doesn't deploy. And if he must, that it's a safe deployment. Lot's of hugs!