Procrastination at its finest.

Here it is Sunday night and I am trying to get my homework all done.  It's due at 12 am mountain time.. so 1 am my time.  You might be asking why I am blogging about it instead of doing it.. well I am.. but apparently every other online DeVry student is ALSO doing their homework.. because it takes me five minutes between clicks for it to respond to me.  And that is not even me exaggerating.  Most annoying thing. Ever.  I had to take a break a bit ago because I was so frustrated (and my blood sugar was dipping since I hadn't eaten dinner yet..) and I came back and it still wasn't working any better!  Anyway note to those wanting to get a degree online.. be prepared to have your patience tested... ((side note.. I've been at this since like 2:30 this afternoon.  That's 6 hours of homework already...))

Maybe if I were not such a procrastinator (I get that from my Dad!)  (Hi Dad!) I wouldn't wait until Sunday night to do my homework.. but that's just how I am.  Ain't gonna change that. :)

SO anyway... while I am waiting for it to respond to me...
Two things, and then I am off to beat something to a pulp cause I'm not sure I can take it anymore..

1. I'm still torn on Pinterest.. I may do some exploring tomorrow (when all the homework is done of course) and possibly join.  When I do.. I will share with all of you so that I can follow, friend, whatever it's called on there you..

2. I am going to be making a button for my site.  When I do I will post up a tutorial so that EVERYONE can have buttons.  That's another thing that I hope to get to maybe tomorrow.. we will see y'all.

Happy Sunday loves!


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  1. Love that picture. :) Good luck with the frustrating homework and YAY for a button tutorial! :D

    1. Ain't he the cutest? I love him so stinking much!!!

      Yes be on the lookout for said tutorial.. it will come, just might be a bit!