So THIS is what it is like to get old...

So I fell...

Remember Sunday evening when I had to do laundry as a break from schoolwork?  Welllllllll.  I was walking down the stairs with the laundry and the dog (cause he goes everywhere with me.. ) and I missed one step (or two, I'm not really sure) and down I went.  Since I had the laundry basket I just hit my knees.. hard.  And apparently my ankle got caught on one of the steps.  I was literally stunned for like 2 minutes.. then I got up and walked, so I guessed I was okay.  :)

(awesome iPhone pic..
Piston modeling the stairs.
We live on the 3rd floor mind you!)

Monday I went to work, got an adjustment (perks to working for a chiropractor!) and went on about my day.. UNTIL my workout after I got off.  I'm halfway through day 3 of last week (yeah I know I slacked last week..) and my knee starts shooting pain and my ankle starts hurting when I apply pressure.  GREAT!  So I push through and then go home and kick my feet up on the couch.

Today not only did I wake up with sore knees and ankles.. BUT I also have a sore right shoulder.  Almost like I slept funny cause when I turn my head left it hurts.. I walk into work and mention it to my boss.. and she said "I wondered when that would start hurting.." So I get another adjustment.. which only makes the pain worse before making it better.

All because of a simple mis-communication between my brain and the steps.. that there was in fact another step (or two!) I am now suffering like an OLD PERSON.  If this is what it is like to get old (as in your body doesn't immediately recover like you are a vampire or something..) then I am just going to stay 21 forever.  Deal?  Deal.

Bahaha.. P.S. Don't feel sorry for me.  I think it's funny I fell. :)

Oh and today I am respectfully choosing to not blog about the significance of today.  Five years ago  the world lost one of the most amazing Grandmothers ever.  But she is always here in spirit, and for that I choose to not dwell on this day five years ago.. but to celebrate her life, each and every day.


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  1. Ah yes, your body will never recover the same again. Glad you were able to laugh about it though, being able to laugh at yourself is a great quality. It does suck getting older. :)

    1. I wasn't laughing at the time! But what can you do? No use dwelling.. lol. I'm just glad no one saw it!

  2. The last time I fell, I just looked at the steps like, "Seriously? How DARE you trip me up like that!" Fortunately (or unfortunately), I have the graceful tendency of falling UP the stairs. I am so scared that I will eventually fall down the stairs in our house though, especially while I'm holding a small person.

    I hope you recover quickly! It is no easy thing once you get past being like, 20. LOL :)

    1. Bahaha yes I too hope I recover quickly. :) And I pray you never fall with a small person.. that scares me too.

  3. Ouch!! I'm getting old too. I don't recover from falls as quickly as I should anymore either. I hope you start feeling better! That is so sweet that you added in about your Grandma. I'm sorry she's no longer with us.

    1. Getting old is the worst! Yeah, I wish she were here. Things would definitely be different, that's for sure.