You know it's cold when...

...even the dog is shaking.
Or maybe I imagine it cause I am shaking?

So.. the dog got a new bowl this week.. And his tail wagged and wagged.  He eats like a champ and doesn't mind the fact that the toilet is no longer his water bowl.  Win win.
(Oh and that dog food mess.. you see, I decided not to PREP the photography space.. so that's natural.)

This week I also successfully completed 3 workouts at the gym.  My mile time went from 12:34 to 11:56 to 11:52.  I am stoked at the fact that the numbers are going down. =)
I took pictures of each.. but they kind of make you dizzy looking at them cause they aren't real clear.  

Yesterday I decided that I would start meal planning for every week.  This was all thanks in large part to my cousin calling me out for not using recipes she gave me in May of 2010 for a graduation gift.  Hey, it's 2012.. my husband is home on R&R (more on that later..) next month, I've been a wife for almost 2 years, I'm 21 years old and I still don't cook.  So, I pulled out all of my recipes and books.. Picked a few recipes and then went to the store to shop.  It was expensive.  Somewhere around $100.  A lot of the things I had to buy though I expect to use again in the future.. so hopefully that number will go down.  Plus I only planned for one week.  Regardless, I charted it all out and Monday is day one. 
Yellow = Days that need something de-thawed.  Pink = Leftovers.  There is no breakfast, as I eat the same thing everyday cause I'm usually eating it in the car on the way to work (whole wheat bagel with peanut butter).  I plotted for eating lunch with my family on Sunday.  So we will see how this week goes and plan accordingly next.

The other big thing on my mind right now is pre-R&R brain.  We have just over a month before mister is home for two weeks.  Two weeks that will include our birthdays.  I am SO excited that I feel like he is coming tomorrow!  (Not the best thing for my anxiety.. but heyyyyy..)  Anyway, I have this list floating around in my brain of all these things I want to do before he gets home.  Like... continue working out, find the perfect outfit, get my nails done, survive the deep tissue massage I have scheduled, get a haircut, clean Piston, clean the apartment, find the perfect outfit for pick up and perfect outfit for birthday party, finish my finals for this session.. that just started two weeks ago (the day before he gets here..), restock his favorite food and alcohol I may or may not have swallowed (hahaha), wrap his Christmas/birthday presents and oh yeah not have a meltdown.  Bahaha.  This is crazy!  I can't imagine what I am going to be like before he gets home for good.. Any advice?!

And finally I have a MASSIVE weekend project.  Called "clean house".  Barf.  There are a million and one things I'd rather do.. but it's necessary.  Hope everyone has a GREAT one! =)
Oye.. Hey Flo!


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  1. My dogs are messy eaters too! I can't figure out quite how they do it. Great job on your running improvements! That's awesome! AND I swear by menu planning. It makes your life so much easier, and grocery shopping less expensive. I love it.

    1. Oh I know how P does it.. lol. Gets it stuck in his extra long cheeks/jowels and then just moves and plop they fall all over. Same thing with water. He sets his head down and wallah water everywhere.

      The next hurdle will be ACTUALLY cooking what I have planned. I am so lazy after work so we will see how this goes.

  2. Hope to hear about a few of these recipes! You could always freeze the leftovers and then you won't have to cook another night in the future!! :)

    And congrats on the mile time! That's great.

    I have no advice to offer on the r&r but that's so exciting that it's coming up so soon! Yay!

    1. Definitely a few leftover days thrown in! Super easy because I don't have to cook again like you said! Thank goodness cause I am not a chef at all!

  3. Just came across your blog! Love it! I'd love for you to come check out mine if you can too, maybe we could follow each other? :)