I just realized.

That picture frame directly across the room from me right now.. is crooked.  And thus it became the title to this post as I had nothing else popping into my mind.  Mental note.. fix that the next time I venture out from beneath these warm covers.


I am hoping that before too long I can get into the habit of updating this more than once or twice a week.  Right now though.. I am a very busy person.  I work.  I work out (three days a week).  I eat.  I do schoolwork.  I sleep.  Oh and I wrestle, feed, walk, yell at the dog too.  So you know.. no time.  HAHAHAH.  I lie.  I'm just feeling boring lately.


The blood doctors nurse called me this morning (sidenote.. they always call on my morning to sleep in since I don't work Wednesday mornings.. how thoughtful.)  The most recent round of tests came back NORMAL.  See what I mean, my blood was just being difficult.  So as of right now at this moment I am diagnosing myself as suffering from hypercoagulation.  My blood clots too easily.  I have a gene mutation.  I will need to see a high risk doctor when it comes to having children.  The end.

Whew, glad to close that chapter.


I'm in the middle of my first week of meal planning.  So far I have cooked three of the recipes that I had planned.  This chicken cordon bleu chowder for lunch on Monday, baked honey ham sandwhich for lunch yesterday and chicken enchiladas for dinner yesterday.
Monday for dinner I just had leftovers (more on that later..).  Today for lunch I had leftover chowder and for dinner I had Texas Roadhouse with a friend.  =)  That little pan of enchiladas is actually the smaller of two pans I ended up cooking... so I have a whole giant pan of enchiladas ready to be reheated.  But they were AMAZING.  I may ask permission to share the recipe with you all (it's my cousins).  Regardless, so far so good on the meal planning.  Almost time to sit down and look at next week.
Piston approved of the chowder. =)


So I had leftovers on Monday because.. I did day one of week one of couch to 5k.  I had originally read about this on the former Annoyed Army Wife's turned A Well-Adjusted Pessimist's blog.  So when I got my iPhone in May it was an app I couldn't wait to download.  Fast forward to last summer when I originally downloaded it after Rob deployed.. and then fast forward again to Monday when I did my first workout.  Holy beeeeeeeeeeejesus.  It was such a good workout.  Only 30 minutes but I was beyond worn out.. My hips were so sore on Tuesday morning that I had to postpone the day two workout.  I also had some knee pain so when I did the day two workout after dinner tonight, I did it on the elliptical instead of the treadmill.  I would do this outside.  But it's winter.  I cringe at the thought of waiting on the dog to muster up a poop session (truth, I apologize..), thus I am not RUNNING in this.  Anyway, we shall see what tomorrow brings regarding pain.  This workout wasn't AS bad as I conveniently placed a magazine over the time and watched/read captions of a TV show AND listened to music.  It flew a tad bit faster.  Feeling better already y'all.


Remember that weekend project?  IT'S DONE.  =) Haha it is so funny to me that I can classify cleaning as a weekend project.  But it's the truth.  Rather I spent Friday and Saturday thinking about doing it and Sunday actually doing it.  Whatever, it's done.  I think I consider it a project because 9 times out of 10 it involves some re-organizing re-decorating.  This weekend was the same way.  I ended up redoing one of the main walls in the living room.  I found this awesome shelf on Craigslist for $25.  And it looks perfect next to the TV.  I also added some more pictures above.. it looks better  Still kind of incomplete though.  I guess more than anything it bothers me that the living room is a giant mesh of brown and black furniture.. with red accessories.  Oye.. next place, we WILL fix that.  I'm thinking all black furniture at this point.  Since our bedroom set is all brown.  Anyway enough of me dreaming.. here's proof of how marvelous it looks:
Oh and don't mind the blanket in the middle of the living room floor.. that's normal.  It's P's naptime blanket. He has an old comforter in our bedroom at the foot of the bed.. he's just spoiled like that.  But see what I mean about it looking incomplete?  There is another giant picture not shown in this image but there is some awkward space between the mesh of frames and the two bigger ones.  I think I have something that MIGHT fix this.. we shall see though.  Oh well I am very content with how much cleaner it looks.  Now if only it was not an apartment that I was renting so I wouldn't have a problem painting.. so I wouldn't have to paint back over it in six months.  Okay.. enough enough.



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  1. Replies
    1. It was very good! Me AND the dog liked it. :)

  2. My hubby and I have had to do that too with getting all matching furniture. He bought a set before we got married and we had to get some that matched.It has taken us almost 4 years but we have a matching set in our room and the living-room matches and so does the dining room/kitchen. You will get there :)

    1. I am so eager! I like having the basics match.. with some vintage ish pieces. It's hard though.

  3. Those dishes you made look DELICIOUS. I hope we are granted access to the enchilada dish soon. ;)

    And hey! I'm planning (ahahaha) on doing the couch to 5k thing once Second Baby arrives! Well, probably not IMMEDIATELY after, but you know. Eventually. Heh. Do you find that it's helping weight-loss-wise? I really need to lose some weight and was hoping that would do the trick... (because giving up peanut butter and chocolate is totally out of the question). lol

    And score one for you for finding that shelf on craigslist! I love finding things on craigslist. Our whole house is practically outfitted by them, and people look so shocked when I tell them that because it doesn't *look* like we paid nothing for this stuff. Plus you are technically recycling, so you are green as well! Woohoo!!

    Take it easy girl!

    1. Haha I still have to check on permission.. but one day in the future. :)

      I've only done week 1. It is hard.. I am hoping that it will help me with my stamina when it comes to working out. Let me get back to you when I am halfway done though!

      Yeah I love Craigslist!!! It is a lifesaver for sure. But I still love my basics to match.. with my accessories to be collected. I am weird like that.

  4. Yum! Please do share the recipe! It looks so good!

    I was doing the c25k program and then I started working and I didn't continue. I loved it though and I really want to start up again. It's definitely more fun outside though lol I hope that pesky winter of yours leaves soon!

    I buy like all (a solid 80%) of our furniture on craigslist! I love it. I just can't justify going in debt for a couch or something like that. But, I don't at all mind used and not breaking the bank!

    1. I am hoping to share it!

      And I still have a few months yet before I will be able to work out outside yet.. sigh.. but someday!

      I love finding new pieces on MAJOR sales too.. I feel like I do that way more than I thrift pick up stuff. Almost all of our accessories are found at the local goodwill or online though.