Piston's Second Birthday

So I now have a two year old in the house.  And hopefully the terrible twos passed during his second year in dog years. :) 

His birthday "celebrations" started like this... sitting face to face with Rob on skype.  I sat the computer down to go to the bathroom and heard Rob calling for me to come look.. and I come back to the room to find this.  Seriously melted my heart.

After we woke up for the day it was an adventure off to the vet.  We are working on getting Piston's allergies a bit better.. and today he got his first steroid shot.  So far, so good.  The other reason we had a vet appointment was to get an explanation for the funny little bump on his back left leg.  Mr. Vet called it a some-fancy-word tumor.  He wasn't able to tell me how serious it was though, unless we coughed up a huge chunk of change to get it removed (which will be happening in the future...).  But he did say it's popular in young boxers, so I'm not too terribly stressed, yet.  After a wrestling match to try and clean his ears we were off again... both already pooped for the day.
For a two year old boxer, Piston is an AMAZING car rider.  He has tons of experience with his road trip from Maryland to Kansas and constantly being my partner in crime.  Usually he just sits back in the seat with his legs extended like my own real life kid!
We stopped by my Mom's work next so that Piston could see his "Grandma".  Some of her co-workers got to meet him.. he's pretty popular you know... you'd never guess though, it's not like he loves attention or anything..

Our next and final stop was the pet store to get a birthday treat. :)  Yep, he's a dog.. I know.  But he is also my child.

After we got home.. Piston quickly licked all of the icing off of the biscuit and then broke it into a billion tiny little pieces and ate every last crumb.  I'd say birthday boy was pretty happy with his little treat.  :)

Shortly after these pictures he conked out on the floor for basically the rest of the evening.. ruff life. ;)

I'm crazy I know.. but hopefully I am not the only crazy dog lady?


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  1. Awww Happy 2nd Birthday Piston!!!! I don't think you're crazy! It's cute! He is def loved!

  2. My boxer used to live the good life too... until I had a baby. I never thought I would be one of those people who ditches their dog when the baby came but I totally did. Of course he still hangs out with us on the couch and sleeps at the foot of the bed, but he definitely got pushed down a few slots on the importance scale :)

  3. Aw, how cute! Love his birthday treat :) Happy Birthday Piston!