The rest of R&R.

I do believe I have slacked long enough my friends, and for that I apologize.  Here is the rest of our lovely R&R adventure that happened almost a month ago, can you believe that?  (Although I really feel like time is not moving near fast enough... deployment problems, huh?)

So Rob's birthday was on Saturday the 25th of February.  Such a lucky dog.  His 21st birthday last year was on a Friday and his 22nd on a Saturday.. and me, I'm stuck with mid week birthdays!  We were busy the whole day again.  Started off at the gun and knife show.  A military man's heaven, right?  Almost all afternoon was spent there and we walked out with two handguns and some accessories.  (You'll see us testing those later.. ;) )  We were there until the event shut down.. then we had to jet downtown to check into our hotel room for the night and start getting ready.  It was a dual birthday/Rob being home celebration and some of my nearest and dearest were able to make it out to have a drink (or with us.  It was a fantastic evening.  We even got to sit outside underneath some amazing heaters and it was perfect.  A little sloppy at some points, but when alcohol is involved that sometimes happens... or at least in my experience!

Anyway here are some pictures from that evening:
My best friends-Kara, Allison and Megan.
The love of my life.
Picture quality is horrible I know.. SORRY!

Oh and remember those shoes from THIS post?  Here is my fabulous outfit for the evening.  I loved my dress, it was super comfortable.  And since I got it on sale at Charming Charlie's it was also a STEAL.  Really wish I got a picture of the shoulder detail.. but these pictures were actually taken AFTER going out.  I paired it with my pleather jacket and was not even cold in the least.  Okay maybe walking between buildings I was freezing.. but hey the price for beauty, huh?

Other than that we spent some time at the range shooting our new guns. 
Actually Rob's gun.. mine is much cuter. :)
The ones in the middle are all mine!

Some time was spent eating some good BBQ (this is Kansas City after all!) with family. 

We also went and saw Josh Turner.. he puts on an amazing show, unfortunately the venue was less than stellar but I was bound and determined to go to a concert while my love was in town!  So we went and I had a good time personally.  Rob probably had a better time at the casino after than he did standing through that whole concert.  LOL, men!

We went bowling with my parents.. I dominated the first game and since there aren't pictures of the other games I would have to assume that's because I wasn't winning.  Bahaha.

And on Rob's last night we dressed up and went to dinner. :) I considered it our anniversary dinner.  It was bittersweet that's for sure but it's always an adventure when we get gussied up to go out on the town. :)  We went to our favorite place ever.. Texas Roadhouse (hey Rob is a Texas boy!) and then spent the evening relaxing trying not to think about the next day.. obviously.

Whew.. now y'all are up to date!  Don't ya feel like you've been missing out?  Once again sorry it took so long.

Oh and HEYYY Y'ALL to my new followers!  Welcome to my crazy space on the web!

I'm off to celebrate Piston (my wonderful fur-child) on this special day of his, it's his second birthday!! Goodness sakes alive, I can't believe it.  Where has the time go?  Oh and I do mean celebrate.  ;) Stay tuned!


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  1. Love Josh Turner :) Looks like such a fun time. You look beautiful, love your dress!

  2. Aww it looks liek you two had a ton of fun while he was home! Ah yes a gun and knife show and the gun range are two army guys favorite places to be. :) Trust me, time will start to speed up again and before you know it you'll be able to start your countdown to him coming home!

  3. Happy Birthday to Piston!! And it looks like you guys had a wonderful time while he was home. Your dress was awesome, and the shoes were even better :) Have a great weekend!!