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It's Thur-Friday!  My third favorite day of the week (first being Friday, because I can sleep in with no alarm clock, second being Saturday, cause I have freedom) all because it is the last work day of the work week!  Which is what I, of course, had to remind myself as I rolled out of bed at the unfortunate time of too-early-for-Amanda this morning.  I was greeted by a chilly (read.. cold) cloudy morning.  Ideal for staying in bed with your fur friend, reading books and possibly more than likely sleeping.  Duty calls my friend and that work place just can't survive without me.  And that is the truth.

Anyway I had one task to accomplish today.  Mail out bachelorette party invitations for my best friend (sorry it took me so long Al!) over my lunch break.  And what do you know.. them post office people pulled a fast one on me.  It went down like this... I get to the counter, she rings up the other little package I was sending out.  I tell her I need stamps for the invitations (the stack was sitting in front of me..) and oh by the way can I mail them with these slightly raised stickers on there?  She informs me it will cost more to mail them because of the stickers.  I am like okay, I will just remove them.  So she goes and gets the stamps and comes back with 65 cent stamps.  Wait.. what?  I am removing the stickers... her response was that because the invitations are square it will cost more to send them.  Mind you, that is 20 cents more than normal stamp prices.  Unfortunately I was not feeling too fiery so I didn't argue her but take a look at this picture of the invitation envelopes (white) and a regular card envelope (purple) next to each other:
Need further proof?  Here is the envelopes on top of each other:
Obviously the envelope is maybe a centimeter taller than regular card ones (and that is even a small card envelope!) and shorter too.. there would be no reason for them to be priced differently... Rude lady.. RAWR.  Lesson learned I guess.  Argue. ;) Just kidding of course.. or am I?

In other fabulous news out of Kansas.. today is a VERY special day.  51 years ago today (don't get mad Mom, everyone knows about your successful 5-0 surprise party last year, so they can do the math as well!) my mother was hatched.  I am so excited to be here.. in the exact same state for her birthday this year.   I am very fortunate to be my parents daughter.  It may have taken me 22 years to realize how blessed and lucky I am, but believe me I recognize and respect the fact that I have two parents still madly in love (23 years later.. as of last Sunday!) who are there for me when I need them.  Especially during this deployment.  So on this day I am going to celebrate having such an awesome lady always backing me up, cooking home cooked meals for me and being just a phone call away whenever I need that wisdom only a Momma holds.
Oh and please look at how fortunate I am to be my Mother's daughter.. she is by far the youngest looking 51 year old I know!
Tomorrow we will celebrate together by seeing Titanic 3-D... my first 3-D movie (I am excited about everything BUT the price.. yikes) and going to dinner.  Otherwise this weekend is looking like homework, rainy weather and cleaning!  Story of my life.  :)

Hope everyone else has a darn good weekend!  YOU deserve it!


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  1. Rwar I hate the post office, except when I have to send out care packages. :) Most of them aren't helpful. Plus when you live in the land of the retired, it takes FOREVER to get through the post office. Happy birthday to your mom! Moms really are the best! Enjoy your day tomorrow!

  2. I LOATHE the post office. If there's one place I could avoid going into ever again, I would choose there. But damn, I need a stamp every so often. Gah!

    Happy birthday to your mama! Have fun at the movies!

  3. I visit the post office way too often! I literally have to fill out a customs form for anything bigger than a standard envelope! It's horribly annoying so I finally took home a stack of customs forms to keep in my desk :)

  4. Dang post office! Happy Birthday to your mom! Mommas are the best!