So what...

...if I haven't felt like blogging lately?
...if the latest 16 and Pregnant episode had me CRAZY emotional last night?
...if I am a stubborn butthead? ...which I will attribute to the hair color.
...if I blame everything on my hair color?
...if I sleep in every Wednesday until all I have time to do is shower and get to work?
...if I've basically given the bird who built a nest in the stairwell a name and a life story?
...if I washed my car.. then took it to the lake and drove it down back roads?
...if I sometimes want to cry when I think of how much I love America?
...if I just pronounced that A-mur-ica? [[definition]]
...if that Urban Dictionary definition of Amurica had me cracking up?
...if I have mixed feelings about the next step for us?
...if I am secretly celebrating that the dog is STILL tired from last weekend?
...if I hate hot weather?
...if there is dog food ALL OVER the floor?
...if I am way behind on my blog readings?  Sorry y'all!
...if I am kind of upset that the majority of my favorite shows are on vaca?
...if I have had 49 followers for what seems like FOREVER?
...if I get annoyed with teenagers obnoxious posts online?

[[[I do promise that there are more meaningful posts on the horizon.]]]

[[[[Dad.. here is a blog post! :) ]]]]


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  1. hahaha you're awesome. I read 16 and pregnant and my first thought was "you're not 16." I think I need some sleep! I'm upset about my shows vacationing too. Don't they know I need constant entertainment?

  2. I haven't blogged lately either- sometimes LIFE gets in the way of it and THAT'S OK. With that said though, I'm fully expecting a recap and review of your fudge-making experience. ;) lol

  3. Why is it that family members all want more blogging when sometimes the motivation just isn't there?? My Brother is always, "Where's my blogging?" Umm...I'm busy. Why don't you start a blog?? Lol.... Sometimes I have things to take care of...

  4. Omgoodness I am so freaking behind on blogs too! You don't read for a day and then suddenly I have a bazillion! Ahh! And, I super love you gave the bird a life story.

  5. haha i love this! and i love 16 and pregnant.. i have an unhealthy relationship with that show! and i'm not a big fan of hot weather myself!!

  6. Don't feel bad about not blogging. I'm behind on mine too. I have a bunch of drafts that I wrote near when things happened but it takes me time to clean then up, put in photos, etc. I'll be posting about my first Christmas in Germany in a few days, and it's almost June, so yeah lol. And now you have 50 lol. I bookmark a lot of blogs and check them periodically without remembering to officially subsribe, so thanks for the reminder :)

  7. lol that's right! who cares what others think! do what you feel!! :) And yes to the shows. last week was like dead week. I am watching so you think you can dance..kinda "duets", going to start watching melissa & joey anndddd that's about it! they dont keep me reeled in like Scandal, once upon a time, grey's, downton abbey, hart of dixie, etc. Oh and isee 50 followers noww!!! whoohoo congrats!! :)