The Next Step.

Just wanted to pop in and give everyone a definition of what the "next step" is for our little family:

After this deployment is over, the plane has arrived home, our apartment has been packed and we have said our goodbyes from our family, friends and Kansas, our new temporary home will be 
Fort Gordon in Augusta, Georgia.

We found out shortly after Rob's R and R.  We knew we would be headed somewhere after the deployment so it didn't come as any surprise.  We have shared the news with our nearest and dearest and I have given my boss my final day date.  So now I am happy to share the news with all you guys.

For the next couple of months I will be here, but I may not update as often as before [which lets be honest, was not all that much].  I have a short amount of days left here in Kansas and they are quickly filling up with concerts, weddings, friend time, family time and more than anything preparing time.  It is going to be busy for awhile.... so I'd suggest you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram [agregory08] for more up to date updates.

I want to share the ups and downs of the next few days, weeks and months with you all.  A move isn't easy and as many of us military spouses know, each time is a learning process.

But before we can do any of that.. we have to reunite.......
Which you better believe is a MAJOR countdown.


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  1. I will say 'yay,' but GA is in the wrong direction to California - you realize this?!? :)

  2. Woo! I hope you enjoy your time with loved ones and that the move goes well!

  3. So excited for your reunion!! The weather should be great there in GA girl! One of my friend's sister was actually stationed in KS and her husband just got out of the army. I didn't even think of this before. Small world! :) Her name is Hilary Payne and her husband's name is Andy.

  4. Yay. Change is good ... Reuniting is better though :)

  5. Exciting! And, I'm even more excited for you to gets the hubs back. Good luck with your move.

  6. awhh! you'll have to give me your new home addy once you're all settledin georgia! Change can be good! and you can take us all (your blog friends) with you! :) thank God for the internet to keep everyone connected long distance!