I'm still alive!

Have no fear y'all I didn't fall off the face of the earth.. quite yet.

Wanted to give a quick update even though I SHOULD be showering, packing and getting ready to leave for the lake for 24 hours.  Yep, 24 hours.. that is literally all of the time I have right now to escape.. and this :( is my sad face.

What have I been doing since June 12th?
.. passing my classes.. free till September y'all.  Party party party.
.. saw some great country music performers in Power and Light.. the outing district in KC.
.. went to an elementary school friend's sister's wedding.

my seeeester and I.
.. celebrated Father's day with my amazing dad!
Hi Dad! Here is your Father's day shout out.
I love you.. thank you for being so supportive in everything I do.
You are the best ever.. promise.
Oh and thanks for reading my blog!
Tired from a long weekend.. 
.. went to a HUGE country concert festival.. that consisted of 4 days of great music, hot weather, a few beers, singing, dancing and having a great time.  Oh and a sunburn and some blisters..minor details.
Pretty much the only picture of us without glistening skin from sweating so much.  Awesome, right?
.. had dinner with an old friend.
.. worked my last day of work!
.. got the move pick up set up (which happens soon.. like Monday soon)

And that's not the end folks... after the lake it goes on:
.. my first ever 5k is this Saturday.  Will probably not run the whole thing, but some maybe. (The Color Run for more details!)
.. Magic Mike.. yeah buddy.  That's all that needs to be said about that.
.. movers picking everything up!
.. July 4th!
.. cousins wedding..
 and that's just this next week ladies and gents.. it gets CRAZIER after that. (If that's possible)

Are you all following me on Twitter yet?? I promise I am updating that more these days.  Like.. about how I went to the post office today and got in and out with NO WAIT IN LINE.. what?! Unheard of.  Maybe because it is a billion five hundred degrees outside.  Not kidding..
I promise you.. this is cool for the past few days..

I digress.

And I have all of the items purchased for the giveaway just not sure when that is going to happen y'all.. let me get through Monday and then I will have more time!  Hint.. it's Kansas flavored and has to do with something we are known for.. BBQ.

Piston and Amanda out...


P.S. I promise next week I will also catch up on blogs!!! I miss you all so very much!

Oh and sorry for saying y'all so much.. bahahaha.

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  1. You are one busy lady! The lake sounds lovely, although a little longer than 24 hours would be nice.

  2. You are very busy, but I'm glad you are having such a great time! Wow! the movers come soon!!! Are you getting excited for your move? Don't melt with that hot heat!!!

  3. Fun times you are having out in KS! Steve's (and mine, can't lie) favorite BBQ sauce is Kansas City. So sweet and delicious!!! ;)