Summer To-Do List.

So this summer is going to be very busy for us.  Obviously.  But instead of only planning on moving.. I have what seems like a thousand other goals to accomplish as well from now until Labor Day weekend...

The most obvious being.. Move.  Completely, 100%.  This means cleaning out every thing left at my parents, getting all 3 of us safely relocated and unpacking every box once in Georgia.  Totally do-able.

This whole moving thing will definitely help with my goal of getting Piston a backyard.. I see a house in our future!

Once in Georgia I'm anxious to go to the ocean... again.  I'm hoping it is warmer than the Maryland ocean waters.

Since we will be so close to Florida..(or at least closer than Kansas is), I'd love to go to Disney World for the first time.

Before we leave Kansas though I want to visit the lake some more.. because once we get to GA, you will not find me anywhere near lake water.  No flesh eating diseases for me!  (Kind of Completely serious.)

I also want to keep up with all my pen pals.  I have acquired a few at this point.. and don't worry ladies, you will not be forgotten this summer!

With moving to Georgia comes being closer to some of my online friends.  So I'm making it my goal to meet AT LEAST one blogger friend this summer.

This summer also marks the end of this awful, horrible, no good very bad deployment.. so to celebrate I want a night out with my husband.. I'm talking dinner, dancing, not driving.. etc.

Our last night out.. March 2012 (R&R)
Rob and I are already flirting with the ideas for my next goal.. go on vacation.  It looks like there may be a trip in our future to the Entertainment Capital of the World... Las Vegas.

Since Carmax took our Civic off of our hands (aren't they the nicest?).. there is one huge goal for this summer.. get Rob a vehicle he loves.  Easier said than done I do believe. ;)

Once again this summer I am picking up.. leaving my friends and family to take our little family somewhere unknown (to me at least.. Rob has been there before).. hopefully by the end of the summer I can make at least one new friend.

And the highlight of any summer... take tons of pictures and laugh.. a lot all while making new memories.

Before I can do any of this though.. I have to get all A's this session at school... which ends next Thursday.  Not that I am counting down or anything!

What are your goals this summer?!

P.S. Be on the lookout for a giveaway for reaching 50 followers.. I'm not much of a giveaway girl.. but you all have become near and dear to me.. so you deserve it!


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    1. Yea for summer! Yea for this horrible no good deployment being over! That sounds like a totally doable to do list! A lot longer than mine :) I'm sure you will kick it's butt! The ocean on my side of Florida is nice and warm during the summer, just saying ;) Good luck with the rest of this session of school!

    2. Good luck with the move. I hate moves. Mainly because we have so much stuff.

    3. Hurray for the end of deployment. Enjoy! Looks like you have some good goals. I would LOVE a backyard for my dogs, but that's a few years away as we live on post. I didn't go in the water at the beach in GA but I imagine it would be warmer than up north. The only one I went to while there was Tybee Island which was nice. I lived in Orlando for 3 years and somehow managed to never go to Disney World. The closest I got was Downtown Disney which doesn't really count lol. I did go to the beach a lot though (but I never would go in a lake down there although people do). I don't have many goals for the summer except to catch up on my blog (I'm only on events up to January), get out around Germany more than we have been lately, and get acquainted with my new job.

    4. may your wish of vacation come TRUE! you two deserve it!! :) and im excited for your giveaway!!! congrats on having 51 (i see) followers!! whoohoo. I want to meet a blogger friend too-that'd be awesome!

    5. oh my gosh dear...i'm so behind on my blogging. Here's hoping I can catch up soon!

      hope all is well.

    6. Stopping by because I was thinking about you! Hope everything is going well! xoxo

    7. Aww, have fun in Georgia! We live in Kansas. :) I am with you on the lake water. Scary!!! Erin

    8. So glad your hubby will home soon!! Looks like a lot to do this summer! :) New follower from the MilSO Directory! :) Stop by when you get the chance!


    9. I must admit, I'm a tad bit jealous you're moving to GA! I miss GA so much!! Good luck!

    10. Hi! New follower here! (: I'm also in GA but not at Ft Gordon.. Hope you enjoy it! GA is a great place to live!