I can't focus right now.

Whoa buddy, tonight is one of those nights.  It's 12:53 on a Saturday night/Sunday morning here in Gawg-ahhh and I am POWERING through my to do list.  So what does that mean?  You guys get a random, all over the place, not thought out post.  I've been trying to work on this other post.. but tonight it just is not happening.  So what has been happening?

Tonight I tackled some homework, sorted and put away all of the laundry, moved my purse stash to it's permanent location, picked up the closet, picked up the kitchen, picked up my husband's Capri Sun trash from his binge drinking tonight, got the trash ready to go out, put a bunch of stuff away and man oh man does it feel great. :)  So what if it's a Saturday night and this is what I do for fun..

My husband has been asleep since roughly 10.  Yes you guys we are 22 year olds.. with no children.  I have no excuse for this one.

Speaking of husband, he makes me smile ruuul big when he gets up with the dogs at the butt crack of morning so I can have an extra hour of sleep.  Oh, oh.. and when he gets excited to shop for my best friends babies.  But especially the other night when we had a heart to heart in the truck after a night of margaritas and he hugged me and reminded me of how much he loves me..

I'm blessed.

The boys are getting along great.  They wrestle, sleep, eat, repeat.  Klutch likes to wake up between 6 and 7:30.  Which I'm not the biggest fan of.. at all.  Then about 9 he is off in la-la-land so we get to crash back out for a couple more hours of sleep.  Piston is really warming up to his brother.  Which is good because wherever P is.. Klutch is right there near him.  They eat together out of the same dishes, run out to the back of the yard together, go for the same toy, you get it.. :)

We finally got a desk to replace the demolished one.  SO my office is coming together and I COULD NOT be happier.  I love me a good computer desk/working area.  Especially since school started Monday (bleh.. not fun, my friends).

Georgia is lovely and HOT. Supposed to be a "fall-like" cold front come through that drops us from 95 degree weather to low 80s.. where I come from, fall-like is 60-70 degree weather.. so I don't know what that crazy weatherman was talking about..

This NASCAR race in Virginia tonight is still going.. after rain delays and all that jazz.. it's now 1:02 in the morning.  What in the world man..

I'm not a fan of people that stand other people up.  I did some clothing purging when I was unpacking the closets.. listed some stuff on the base for sale page..and I've had way too many people cancel last minute or not come at all.  Where is the common decency people?

The other night I spent practically the whole night redoing my header.  Oooh, ahh. :)

I forgot how hard it is to have a puppy.. That little dude is into EVERYTHING.  And when he isn't getting into something he is sleeping.. or you are worrying about him going potty on the floor.  Man, I don't think I missed this stage with Piston whatsoever.

I hate when you are sitting on one side of the house and you hear something fall or a bang and you don't know what in the world it is.

Speaking of something falling.. Klutch is a genius.. his big thing is cords.  He saw one dangling off the bathroom counter and took off with it.. What was on the other end? A scentsy warmer.. little dude is lucky that did not crash into a thousand pieces on his head.. it did that about two feet behind his scampering butt when he realized something was coming down near him.

Well there are like 46 laps left in the race.. I feel like I should move all the dudes in my house to the bedroom to go to bed.. but lets be honest.. I'm loving this peace and quiet. ;)

Hope you all are having a more eventful Saturday night. :)

Please excuse any typos.. I'm starting to get tired and the need to go back and edit is lacking.


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  1. I love your new header! By the way, I seem to be most productive either first thing in the morning, or really late at night :) nothing wrong with that :) Glad you got a new desk, it's hard to be productive if you don't have a good workspace. Glad the boys are getting along! I'm sure they are really cute together :) Welcome to the south, where we really don't have seasons :)

  2. I love love LOVE your new header!! So cute!! And yeah, I gotta agree with Kathryn, don't go expecting a "real" fall! You'll get fall-ish temps for about 4 days, and then winter happens. Well, "winter." Winter in the south is like fall everywhere else. And then it's summer again for eleventy billion years. Yay. ;)