Living Life on the Wild Side.

Pretty much in a nut shell what we have been doing for the last week or so could probably be considered living on the wild side.. Or better yet, the last 48 hours.

Last Sunday we threw the house together in time for my parents to roll into town.  Literally got everything done less than an hour before they pulled up.  The hard work and sweat to get all of the boxes unpacked was worth it though to see Piston get excited to see his grandparents again.  He acted like he hadn't seen them in well a month... haha.

Literally sitting in the recliner with my Mom.
That launched us into a busy week of entertaining.  We went downtown, to museums, to the river, to South Carolina and just about everything in between.  Rob worked the majority of the days, so I was head tour guide.  Which was interesting to say the least since I am not quite a genius with getting around quite yet. :)

On Thursday we checked Piston into doggie boarding and drove to Atlanta.  Two days and two nights of exploring that city.  Which has quickly become one of my absolute favorite big cities I've visited.  We went to the World of Coca Cola, the Georgia Aquarium, CNN World Headquarters and the DragonConn parade.  Y'all are jealous huh?  It was a busy weekend in ATL with college football games at the dome and the DragonConn (comic books, video games and what not) Convention going on.

Saturday afternoon we drove back and decided on a quick pitstop at Walmart.. which changed our life...

Some guy was sitting in the parking lot with puppies for free.  I couldn't resist.  We've been looking at and exploring the idea of getting another dog for my little love bug Piston to grow up with.  So what do you know.. we walked away with a little dude to add to our family.  Friends.. meet Klutch.  He's a boxer mix.  Little bundle of furry energy.
Unfortunately due to the fact that he was a Walmart parking lot puppy we don't believe he has had the best first 6 weeks of life.  We have already treated him for fleas and our poor little dude has round worms that we are also treating him for (worms in his tummy.. typical in puppies.  Better than having heart worms.. but still serious stuff if left untreated).  At church this morning I couldn't help but smile when the priest mentioned that you should love orphans.. less than 12 hours after our little orphan walked into our life.. and man oh man does he have my heart strings tugging hard.
As for Piston.. I think he will like him a whole lot more when he is not little and fragile like he currently is.  Until then he is learning to share (a hard concept when every toy is your favorite...) and helps me entertain him.  Thank goodness!

Klutch is currently using our big oversized tub as his kennel.  So 6:30 this morning.. he decided he was awake.  For anyone who has read this blog for awhile.. you know how that goes over with me.  Not well.  Piston was right there with me at 6:30.. up entertaining him.  He's going to be a great big brother.  Klutch loves him.. follows him everywhere and does just what his brother does!
Late this morning my parents left to head back to KC (drive safe and see y'all in a few months!  Thanks for coming down to see us!!! Love you!!!) Now I am left with cleaning, laundry and school.. which starts tomorrow.  Yuck.

Hope you and yours have had a safe Labor Day weekend!


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  1. AWwwww - I'm so jealous!! I want a dog. :/

    Boo to life circumstances. Seriously. I get to wait another year-plus for new drool in my home. Blarg.

  2. Awwww! What a cute new addition to your family!!!! Sounds like you've been busy! I hope school goes well once you start! :)