That time I caught up on life.

Here it is.. October.  Exactly three months after my main man made his way home from the desert.  I can't really say things are crazy busy.  Busy, yes.  Crazy busy, not really.  Shall we recap?

Yesterday was eventful.. to say the least.  For the last month Rob has had these random chest pain moments that make it hard for him to breathe.  They usually pass within a few minutes though.  Yesterday however was a bit of a different story.  The chest pains were so bad he was having trouble breathing, couldn't even move for about 5 minutes.. and when he did he said we need to go to the ER.  The episode lasted somewhere between 30 minutes and 40 minutes, way way way longer than normal.  About 5 minutes after we got to the emergency room the pain subsided.  So we sat for an hour waiting to even be called back.  [Let's just say I am glad it wasn't a life or death situation.. because we waited far too long in my opinion.]  By that point all of the symptoms were gone but we went back anyway as answers are definitely needed.  There we sat for another 2 hours.  They did an EKG and some x-rays, which both came back normal.  The doctor concluded that it does not have anything to do with Rob's heart and that he does not think it is serious.  What he does think.. it has to do with his rib cage.  So he got some pain meds and discharge papers.  He is supposed to follow up with his regular PCM to maybe get more answers.  So if you can.. say an extra prayer that we can get some better answers other than.. I think it is your rib cage.  Not that I don't have crazy relief regarding it not being serious.. it would just be nice to know more of what exactly it is.

Kicking it in room 10 at the hospital!

Other than THAT, Rob is doing good.  We've settled into our reenlistment decision and are now looking towards promotion again.  Along with that Rob is picking up new "job titles" within the Army that he is constantly in one class or another for.  When he isn't dealing with the Army we have fishing, talking about fishing, talking about trucks, talking about boats and watching TV shows like Pawn Stars, Top Gear and American Picker.  My life people, and I ain't even stretching it!
Yes, yes.. he does use a pillow when he sleeps..
Piston is being Piston.  He's attached to his Dad as always, which is more evident when his brother tries to get attention too.  Piston is NOT okay with that.  Remember how in this post I likened Piston's emotions to post traumatic stress from the deployment?  It has definitely made Rob un-share able with Klutch.  Me?  He is totally okay with me giving him a rub down while Klutch sits in my lap.  It is literally polar opposite.  When Rob isn't the main attention grabber, Piston and Klutch are the very best of friends.  They wrestle, chase each other and sleep near each other.  It was just like I knew it would be, Piston LOVES having a brother. :)  Well most of the time anyway.
May or may not have been holding his toy slightly to the right of the camera...
As for Klutch!  Today was his 9 week vet appointment even though he is 10 weeks old.  He got his next round of vaccines and another round of worm preventative.  Last time we went in three weeks ago he tested positive for hook worms.  Microscopic worms.  He had one detected today which the vet said is totally normal.  He weighs 20 pounds.. a whooping 10 pounds more than last time!  He's healthy and happy and sooo good natured.  We really lucked out by getting two great dogs.  We also got the go ahead for Klutch to interact with dogs other than his brother.  Which is GREAT news for me as I see puppy play dates in my future!  Potty training is still being worked on but he has gotten significantly better.. especially since he likes treats so much.  So as long as you keep an eye on him, he is pretty well behaved.
Cuddle buddies!

Then there is me.. between school and TV, I am swamped man. ;)  I talked to my adviser the other day and as of now I am scheduled for the July session at DeVry to be my last.  So by the end of August 2013 I will have my Bachelor's.  To see the end in sight is such a HUGE sigh of relief.  You all really have no idea!! When I am not doing school work I joined a club on post, have had a few friend dates and generally being a fur mom.  I've been applying for jobs and so far not looking so good.. I had an insurance company call me for an interview/information session.. but it was kind of like a glorified Scentsy/Avon/MaryKay scheme and I'm not too thrilled about that as of now.  So the resumes will continue to be submitted until luck is in my hands!  On the bright side we only have to worry about Rob's schedule so far when it comes to this winter and the holidays!  Finally I've been working on getting the house done, right off the bat..
Fishing the other day.. it was cold!! Who knew GA got that way? ;)

Which brings me to my final thing.  Sunday I posted about the entryway being postponed.. well my local consignment shop (Grovetown Consignment, if you are in the area!!!) is ran by this awesome lady who was willing to trade me this AMAZING bench for the stinky one I had purchased.  So we picked that up today and my wonderful husband is going to help me strip it and get it ready to be moved indoors.  I'm so excited, you all have NO IDEA.  So that's where THAT stands.  I'm probably going to decorate the rest of it and then create a post, because I am not quite sure when we will get the bench finished as of now.  Let's put it this way.. I may make it a goal to leave one thing unfinished in each room, to have an update post, if you will. :)

And that's pretty much that y'all.  I knew there were some friends on Facebook concerned about what went down last night after seeing our status posts last night, so I figured I better do an update.  I know it is kind of mundane for the rest of you.. but I'm hoping there are SOME people that care!


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  1. Hope they figure out what is really wrong soon, sending prayers your way.

  2. Wow so much going on. I'm glad Rob seems to be okay for now, but how scary when you don't know what's wrong. Klutch gained 10 pounds?! That's like if he ate one of my dogs! lol The two of them are so stinkin' cute. Congratulations on being sooo close to your BA!! What are your experiences with Devry? I did college the traditional way so I know nothing about online schools, but Devry has a degree Daniel is interested in so I'm really curious your thoughts. I'm so glad someone is willing to trade with you! It's so hard getting smoke smell out. This will be way better.

  3. Thanks for the update! I hope they give you better info on Rob's heath, soon!!

  4. Wow! Busy bees! Glad Rob is ok and I hope they figure out what is causing it soon!
    Yea for almost being done with school!!!! That is awesome!!!
    Glad to see everything is going good. :)

  5. Scary stuff girl! I'm glad he's ok and hope that his PCM can shed a little more light on what's going on. I can't imagine the anxiety of waiting to find out what's going on. Glad your puppies are good friends. Makes life a WHOLE lot easier. ;)