Honey, I'm home [LAUNDRY ROOM edition]

First off.. before I go any further.. I HAVE to announce.. that EVERY. SINGLE. BOX is unpacked.  There were two boxes I had a hard time unpacking and so they sat and were not completed until this last week.  My box of jewelry and Rob's box of dresser items.  I didn't know what to do with the jewelry and we were down a dresser until last weekend when it was fixed.  But have no fear.. that issue is no more.

This weekend I bring you a new area...

The laundry room.

So last week I showed you the garage... through that door at the very back is the laundry room.  I suppose you could also consider it a mudroom too.
It currently stores all of our cleaning supplies and random dog necessities.

This is probably one of my FAVORITE rooms in this house because I have my very own washer and dryer y'all.  If you've been around here for long.. you know that in our apartment in Kansas I had to hike (aka haul) ALL of my laundry down from the third floor.  Load it into the car.. drive it to the complex laundry mat.. wait an hour and a half and then pick it all up and haul it back upstairs.  Awful I tell you.  Laundry was pretty much ALWAYS on my to do list. Sooooo... it makes perfect sense why I enjoy this so much.
Side note before I proceed.. my original intention was to put the word laundry on that canvas kind of like what Jenn did right here [total coincidence that I'm recapped in that post!!]... BUT a's and u's and n's and d's are hard to make with masking tape due to their annoying curves! So I gave up and will eventually tackle it some other way.. maybe?  I'm kind of digging the bright blue square.  Oh and my zebra Scentsy was lost in the world of a man saying no because it has zebra on it.. so it is destined to be the mismatched bit of this bright hot mess.

So there is the laundry.  It is pretty average.  Minus the blue square of course...

This week I was also going to show you the entryway through the front door.. BUT last night I decided I wanted a new piece of furniture.  I came across this awesome little bench on Craigslist.. went to pick it up today and of course the seller was a smoker.  She said the piece had been in her family for 15 years.  So 15 years of smoke is no bueno my friends.  [If you are a smoker, I am not judging.. just not a fan of that smoke smell in my house!]  Needless to say I also had my first encounter with bleach today... and now my hands smell.  Fabulous.  Anyway, I've tried 3/4 water-1/4 bleach mixture rubbed on twice now and it still smells.  Going to leave it outside tonight [80+ degree weather here still Kansas folk!  How about that?!] and see what tomorrow brings.  If you have suggestions though I am ALL EARS.  I love this piece but if we can't de-stink it.. then it has to go.  If tomorrow brings a fresh [er] scent.. then look for that post Wednesday ish.

Otherwise be on the lookout for the entryway, bathrooms, the guest bedroom, the office, the kitchen, the dining room, the living room and the master bedroom sometime in the future.


Also, thanks for the kind comments and boosts of confidence posted on our last post.  Your comments were greatly appreciated.  The blog community never fails.


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  1. What a great laundry room! It's got so much storage/shelf room! I have zero advice on smoke. In college we got a chair from a smoker and were never able to get that smell out. Good luck!

  2. I love your laundry room!!!! Yay for having every box unpacked! :)

  3. Love that rug in your laundry room!
    Try baking soda for the cigarette smell or vinegar and water.

  4. Love your laundry space! That rug is great! I'm pretty jealous living in an apartment. Can't wait to have a space like yours!

  5. Ugh I have no clue how to get the cigarette smoke smell out (helpful, right?). But I can sympathize. An apartment we lived in housed smokers before us and OMG was it HORRIBLE.

    As for the canvas, I would love to suggest a stencil (heck you could even do a DESIGN stencil because those are cute), but I can't recommend stencils because they scare me. Other people seem to tackle them with ease, but I am always afraid that it will slip and ruin the entire thing. So, if you go with the stencil idea, proceed with caution. Tape things down. Tape it down and then make Rob hold it too just in case. Unless he has shaky hands, and then call your neighbor. I'll just close my eyes until you're done and then you let me know how it turned out. ;)