Honey, I'm home [OFFICE edition]

Whoa, okay.  I failed at getting this post ready for Thursday.. sorry y'all.  So here it is a few days late! :) Yipeeeee!!!

Today the office.

For obvious reasons this is a room I spend a bunch of time in!  I love having a three bedroom house because this is just that.. a room.  A full room devoted to office work.  You may remember this picture if you are an Instagram follower:
That would be my desk.  The one I was all excited to have moving with us.  This is the desk from my bedroom at my parents house.. and needless to say it didn't quite make the move with us as nice as we would have liked (word to the wise.. if you are putting a desk on the bottom on its side beneath of box of books, the desk legs will not make it.  Ya got that silly movers?!)

SO when we got here we used a dresser for awhile.. but I knew that couldn't be a permanent fix as the dresser was significantly taller than my natural shoulder height.. so I found our current desk for sale on post.  I. Love. It.
Sorry it's hard to see..
I kind of have it set up right now where the desk is in the corner, followed by a bookshelf, and a crazy organization thing (that really has no home anywhere else... but I'm keeping for future children organization purposes!).  Believe it or not that is all the furniture in this room as of now.  This is what the other side looks like:

Eventually I hope to find an awesome steal of an elliptical somewhere.. It will go in here.. I even have a fan already set up!  Haha.. As for the decoration in this room... it's kind of a mash up.  There is my wall of mentionables (some family pictures, my "Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore" sign [hollah Kansas girl over here!], Dean's list certificates, empty picture frames and a sombrero from a very fun Cinco De Mayo!) and Rob has his wall (certification certificates, Cowboys memorabilia, old license plates and a signed Kellie Pickler photo).  Other than that the only other decoration is the calendar above the computer.. not sure what else to do wallwise.. so I am probably just going to leave it.

Then we have the closet.. :) :) :)

Yes, feel free to swoon.  I have a whole closet devoted to office supplies, craft supplies, mailing supplies, extra hangers and other misc.  Hands down one of my favorite parts of having the extra rooms in this house.. extra closet space!

As for future plans for this room.. maybe a rug.  That's it. :) I am a okay with how it is now.  Except it could use a free standing heater as of late... brrrrrrrrr.

Be on the lookout for the bathrooms, guest bedroom and master bedroom sometime in the future.


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  1. Love this space! I would love an office and that closet! So jealous of your storage space! :)

  2. I love it ALL! Please PLEASE share where you got that canvas storage organizational bit of genius in the corner. A nerdy SAHM I know needs one... cough cough. Seriously, you had some mad organizing skills. My desk.... oy it is ugly right now. It could use you and your skillz desperately.

  3. Our third bedroom is an office/guest room/husband's sports room/work out room. haha Yours looks much better and much more organized!!

  4. Awesome! I love that you have a whole closet devoted to office supplies. I love office supplies and organizational stuff. It must be nice to have a whole room to work in. Very nice.