Our Thanksgiving Trip

We've been back since late Saturday night.. but I am just now feeling like I am "recovered" from the whirlwind four day adventure.  It was awesome.  I am so thankful that we got to spend Thanksgiving with family.  Being in the military, it isn't always possible... and I am completely aware of that and grateful.

Wednesday night when Rob got off work at noon we rolled out... decided we would take the back roads until just crossing into Florida.  Which was a fun little adventure.  Some podunk little towns, old fashioned gas stations and tons of car passing later we made it to Florida and the interstate.  My cell phone battery was happy... my husband was happy for the three lanes of traffic!  However we did meet up with some crazy butt drivers that we were not too impressed with.  I mean, who are you trying to kill?  By 8 we were in Tampa!  Which is actually pretty early.. but when you are headed to a campground on an air force base, the nighttime routine is a smidge different.  As in they go to bed by 8!  It was dead.  Weird... we walked around for a bit which included walking the beach by moonlight.  I'm jealous of Rob's grandparents who get to be near that bit of gorgeous EVERYDAY.  By 10 we were exhausted and headed to our own little trailer they rented for the time we were there.

Traveling in style.. we lost the suction cups to the radar detector, so masking tape it was!
Thursday started off bright and early as Rob was off to golf with his grandpa and uncle and I was headed over to help as much as possible with the feast preparations.  Some mimosas, Puerto Rican music and talking later everyone was arriving for the festivities.  Considering the majority of the meal was cooked in a camper kitchen, we had a fabulous oversized meal of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, deviled eggs and coleslaw.  I was impressed.. so was everyone else.. Rob's grandparents, uncle, neighbor friends and grandmother's nephew and girlfriend.  It was a party.  Drinking, dancing, talking.  Then the sun went down and it got chilly (hey Florida, you aren't supposed to get cold!  Or so this Kansas native thought...) and we moved the party indoors.  It was such a great relaxing day that I wouldn't trade for the world.
Rob's grandparents camper!
The view from in front of their camper.... the beach is right there at the end of the road.
The beach on Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving day sunset.  That's St. Petersburg in the distance.
Friday we started off early again as we were headed out to sight see.  Drove past some amazing houses including Jill Kelley's (as in the one in the current scandal!), drove through downtown, drove across the bay some.  Stopped for some awesome pictures.  Headed out to St. Petersburg where we ate lunch on the beach.  Which was great minus the crazy ocean birds trying to steal food like crazy!  Terrifying.  I was scared senseless seeing as how in Kansas you just have to worry about flies!  Still an experience.. especially when you can see the water.. stingrays swimming off the shore and the sun is shining.  After lunch we went to the pier.  Some shopping, more pictures and walking later we were headed back for a break at the campground.  Who knew sight seeing could be so exhausting?!  I napped.. some TV was watched then we got ready to head out to Tampa for the evening.  Wow, downtown Tampa sure delivered.  We were pointed to this cool little bar district (reminiscent of Westport if you are a KC friend of mine!) and there were TONS of people.  All kinds of people too... we went to a few bars. Finally ended up shutting one of the bars down. The bartender was so nice.. and she's an ex-military wife!  So since I was the DD I had someone to talk to that understood!  Was so fun.. finally headed home about 3.  Rob and his uncle had a great time drinking and I had a great time hanging out with them.  It was a late night though.. and ended just a little bit messy, so we were all ready for bed by the time we got back around 4.  Which hello, that's what time little retired military people get up!  What?!  Unheard of!
Where we stopped for pictures during the day.

The view from where we ate lunch at.
Picture time = OVER. :D

Before heading out to downtown Tampa.

Saturday we got up and cleaned and checked out of the camper.  Then went and got some lunch before heading out.  We had a very important stop to make in Macon as my husband was NEEDING to go to Bass Pro.  Or so you'd think there was a need the way he talked. ;) About 9 we left Macon, GA and we were home by 11.. completely exhausted.
Leaving MacDill Air Force Base.

But I love the fact that we got to spend Thanksgiving with family in Florida.  Although it was drastically different than the Thanksgiving I am used to in Western Kansas, it was fabulous.

Plus we had 4 almost 5 days off from the dogs. ;) Not that I am counting or anything!

Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend as well!!!


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  1. What an amazing trip you had and the pictures are beautiful. :)

  2. Visiting from Wednesday Walkabout. Those are some gorgeous pictures! Glad you were able to enjoy family for Thanksgiving.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I found you through the blog hop and am your newest follower. I was kinda maybe hopin' that you'd follow me back ;-) !


  4. Sounds like you guys had a blast. My sister lives in Macon - we go there to visit quite often - we should totally plan to meet up next time I'm down there :)

  5. Sounds like a great time! Love the pictures of you two :) so darling!
    P.s. I laughed at the radar pic because that happened to us!!

  6. Fun! I have to show this post to my husband. He's from south of Tampa so he'll appreciate all the pictures. Florida is definitely on our dream sheet for the next base.

  7. Sounds like you guys had a great time!!! Sorry I wasn't there to hang out, but it looks like ya'll surivived :) Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!!!

  8. Ah, thanksgiving at the beach, how wonderful!

  9. That beach is beautiful! Love the pictures! Glad you had a good time. :)

  10. It looks like a wonderful trip. Gorgeous pictures.

  11. Hi! I found you on the blog hop! Now your newest follower. Cute blog!
    Megan@ www.momssurvivingkids.com