Oh what a weekend.

Happy late Sunday or early Monday you all!!

Just wrapping up another crazy few days.  And there isn't a darn thing wrong with that.. ESPECIALLY when the whole week is spent at home, alone.  (Yes, that was my one whining moment.)

Thursday we got our Christmas tree.  I don't know about you all.. but we are real tree people!  This year they gave away about 400 trees on Fort Gordon through the Trees for Troops program.  We ended up with an 8 foot beauty.  Luckily our dining room has high ceilings, or when Rob said "I want the biggest tree you got" I would have freaked out.. more than I did at least.

Unfortunately we haven't had a chance to decorate yet.. so this is exactly how it sits.  Untrimmed and undecorated.  Soon though.

Friday was BUSY.  I went with the spouses club on post to Madison, Georgia.  Aka my future retiring community.  The houses were gorgeous you guys.  Like I'm talking late 1800 early 1900 style houses, refurbished and decorated straight out of a pottery barn catalog.  I can think of more than a few of my blogger friends that would have really enjoyed the Holiday Tour of Homes we went on.  There were 8 homes.. decorated for the holidays.  I was so in love.  There was a loft an artist owned, a little cottage decorated to the nines, a gorgeous huge house that I'm not kidding was just like being in a pottery barn magazine and then my personal favorite.. the one on a bit of land with the wrap around porch and everything.  Unfortunately Rob isn't quite on board with my retirement plans yet... we've got time though.
Hello, even the county courthouse is the cutest darn thing EVER.

The cottage.. imagine the inside now.

Why yes this is exactly how dogs in Madison behave..
not sure Piston and Klutch will fit in.. but just like Rob, they have time.
OH you know.. just pretending I live there and all..
Then it was a mad dash home to get ready because Rob and I were off to Columbia, South Carolina for a real true date night.  Let me tell you something.. we've been married for almost three years, and our date nights are just right for the two of us.. but they usually just consist of dinner and running errands.  SO when I heard three of our favorite artists were coming "near" us.. the date was set months in advance.  Rob was on his best behavior.. showed up from work with the mail.. which included this little cross bracelet I had been eyeing on Amazon. [Find one similar.. here.]  Then we were off for the hour long car ride to dinner.  Texas Roadhouse is the ultimate date night around these parts.. and unfortunately Augusta doesn't have one.  So we arrived with enough time for some fine dining.  Finally it was concert time... Eric Church, Justin Moore and Kip Moore = perfection.  Seriously the best concert I've EVER been to.  Not even kidding.  We had such a blast.  Sang/screamed and danced my little heart out.  By the time we got home at 1 am we were exhausted.. but it was so worth it.  Best date night ever, and best husband ever.  Seriously.
Cross bracelet from my main main.

Justin Moore.. this was one of my favorite parts.  If you know his music.. you know he sings "If Heaven Weren't So Far Away".. during this part we all turned on our cell phone lights as dedications to those in heaven.
Eric Church.  For some reason my Church pictures turned out better than the others...

"These Boots".
Favorite. My handsome husband.
Saturday was when I planned to decorate the tree.. but I woke up feeling AWFUL.  Like sore throat, headache, upset tummy, runny nose awful.  SO there was a lot of sleeping and not doing anything.  Which kind of found it's way over to today (Sunday) too... after a nap though.. I was able to be a little bit productive today.  Or I did my homework that was due today at least.  If you count that as productive.  Haha.  So there was a lot of:
I die every time I catch him sleeping like this.

 and this...

"Ruff" life, can't you tell?  Anyway.. I'm on the mend.. and it's late/early Sunday/Monday.  I just went out to grab something from the kitchen and found this...
My cue to hit the hay.

[[Sorry for the dog overkill in this post.. I just love my sweet little fur babes!]]


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  1. The cottage looks amazing! It's kinda like Pinterest threw up on the house but in a beautiful way :)

    Anyway, it must have been awesome to go the concert. I'm a big fan of Kip Moore and Eric Church. Hopefully one day, I'll get to see one of them in concert.

    I love the face your dog makes! It's so funny :) Well, I hope you feel better today!

  2. I would have LOVED to go on that tour! I love seeing houses all decorated for christmas. It looks like you had a good weekend, minus getting sick. I hope you are feeling better today!!! :)
    Glad you got a great date night in! :)

  3. You look good on that front porch! I'd say you lived there if I didn't know any better! ;) If I wasn't on the Blogger Friends That Want In On The Tour Of Homes List, I'm putting myself on there now. I LOVE THAT KIND OF THING. Poking around people's homes, people who clearly have SO MUCH MORE MONEY than we do- I love it.

    I hope you're feeling better! Obviously these ailments typically strike on a weekend. At least, that's when mine do. Or vacation. That's always fun. And speaking of fun, the concert looks like a total blast! Glad you are livin' it up in Georgia! :)

  4. That house tour would have made me want to stay! Those homes are beautiful! ...oh, and I have tons of pictures of my furbaby sleeping too! So precious! :)

  5. Beautiful homes. Great pictures! Love the smell of real trees. Hope you get to decorate it soon.

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