Where I'm From.

Being a part of the military community is always an adventure.  The most obvious being where you've been.. where you will go.. where you call home.

It is almost always one of the first questions asked (usually right after.. "Do you have kids?").. where are you from?

While sitting at the Georgia DMV (they call it something ridiculous..) it dawned on me that in the three short years I've been doing this military spouse dance, I already can answer in so many ways.

I was born in Missouri.  Just across the Kansas/Missouri state line.  So according to my birth certificate.. I'm from Missouri.

I was raised in Kansas.  In two separate Kansas City suburbs.  Overland Park until I was 11.  Shawnee until I was 20.  I identify the most with Shawnee.. that's where my friends are from, my family still resides, my most vivid memories occur.  I graduated high school from there.. I met my husband there.. so according to Facebook.. I'm from Shawnee, Kansas.

I got married in Maryland.  We lived there for a year.. got married in 2010 in the most gorgeous courthouse ever.  So according to my marriage certificate.. I could call Maryland a "from".

I returned to Kansas while my husband was deployed.  So when Georgia people ask me where I am from I refer to our place in Olathe.  But there is only one year of memories from there.. but again.. I'm from Kansas.

I currently live in Georgia.  My husband is here.  My dogs are here.  My life is here.  According to my driver's license.. I'm a Georgia resident.

But I will ALWAYS be a Kansas princess.  A midwestern girl.  Kansas is where I'm from.  It is my home.. It is ingrained in me.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

So with that.. I'm off.. back to that glorious fly over state for a week of visiting with friends and family.  This trip has been planned, cancelled, re-planned and so therefore I am anxious to get back to my "from".

Credit for this post goes to the original blogger who posted the same "Where I'm From" post.. unfortunately I can't find it now.. so I can't direct you to a specific blog.


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  1. I think the where are you from question is always a favorite for people to ask. Especially when they know military is involved.

  2. I hope you have a GREAT trip!!!! It's always fun to go back home and visit :) Those visits just usually go by quickly.

  3. Nice :) I usually say I'm from all over since I was a military kid as well. We never stayed at once place for long.

  4. Have so much fun, Amanda!!! Love your recap of where you're from. :)