I'm Feeling.

A wee bit uninspired lately. :/

I'm not sure why. I can't exactly pin it.  Maybe because I feel like I have been so busy recently.. to the point I haven't had time to dwell.. to think.. to brainstorm.. to anything...

So again, this is another post that lacks depth.  Or real meaning.

As a result, I am opening the floor up to YOU all.

Do you have a question for me?
Some extra thoughts for me?
Something you want to see on the blog?

Let me know and I will compile a sort of Q and A sometime in the next week.

Happy weekend!


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  1. What is one thing you like and one thing you dislike about living the military life? :)

  2. Give us a tour of your town. Or how about some of your favorite outfits. I wanna see your style! Also, can I have your address? I wanna send you a Hawaii care package. <3

  3. I am Kansas-ignorant...what's the deal with your state, Ms Princess? Tell us all about it! :)

  4. You mentioned recently that you've made some friends. How did that come about and what was the most difficult part for you? Its one of my biggest fears of moving away. :)