Tuition Assistance.

Most of my followers know that I am going to school full time online.  What you may not know is that my husband is doing the same thing.  So on top of the Army class he is taking right now, studying for a HUGE [and expensive] certification, being a fur-father and a husband... he is also a student working on his Bachelor's degree.

He WAS using the tuition assistance program.  Getting help paying for this degree.  The plan was to use his GI Bill for his Master's and PHD.

But now... the government has decided his time spent being an American soldier both near and far away from home, completely devoted to his country, does not justify him getting assistance when it comes to his education and bettering his life after the Army.

At all.

This makes me so mad that I can hardly put it into words.

If you haven't heard about the sequester... you've been living under a rock.  If you are associated with the military in any way, you've more than likely heard about the cuts coming our way.  This is one of the results...

Please do me a favor and go sign this petition:

Reinstate Military Tuition Assistance and block the Armed Service Branches from any further suspension of TA.

By signing this petition you are taking a stand to help our military get their well deserved college educations.  Helping them take care of their family after they've completed their service to this great country.  And showing them that the American people have their back both home and abroad.

Don't let our armed forces feel like their sacrifices have gone unnoticed.

[P.S. If you are a military spouse or supporter I encourage you to re post this link in as many ways possible.]

Any negative comments blaming one political party over another will not be posted.  This is a neutral post and it will only have neutral comments.


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  1. It's so infuriating that of all things to cut, they decided education was the answer!!! So wrong!

  2. I am a vet and my husband is in. I think it's completely unfair to make the military and families suffer. The majority of my classmates are using TA and now, they have to find a different way to complete their degree. One of them is six classes away from graduating and now because of this, he won't be able to finish unless the sequestration is lifted. I really hope my classmates and your husband are able to finish!

  3. My husband is also using TA so is my brother. It just sucks. They both planned on saving their GI Bills for when they got out to get the full benefits but now I think that may change.

  4. There are no words for the sorrow I am feeling as a Navy wife right now... sadness and sorrow. I never thought my country would turn on it's own like this, and it sickens me the propaganda being put forth about how our service members don't deserve or need the things that are being taken away. SICK. I never thought something like this could upset me as much as it has, and yet I think I've cried over it almost daily!

  5. It is so hard, we husband used his for his first master's and there is no way he would have been able to with out it. Thanks for the link, I will head over!