My loved ones on a very special topic.

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"How I measure riches is by...
the friends I have
and the loved ones I have
and the people that I care about in my life,
and that's where my values are
and that's where my riches are."
-Ann Romney

My loved ones mean the world to me.  When I saw this link-up over at From Mrs. to Mama... I got curious about what I mean to my loved ones.  What they love about me.  So I asked them... and this is what they said.

My dad loves.
My redhair. Beautiful smile. Compassion for others having difficulties.  Creativity and craftiness.  And my dedication.
My mom loves.
My loyalty to those I love.  That I'm a great daughter and a wonderful pet momma.  My drive to make a difference.  My smile.  My writing abilities.  And my love and kindness.

My friends had just a bit more to say...

My best friend Allison:
"1. She is always, always, always there for the people she loves. Even if she's 1,000 miles away and it's 3 am.
2. She constantly surprises you with the most thoughtful gifts or cards, just to remind you how much you are loved by her!
3. She NEVER EVER forgets a birthday, anniversary, etc.
4. On summer nights during high school (and even to this day) she'll drive around town with the windows down blaring and singing country music with you.
5. She'll hang out with you at work to help you pass the long boring hours at your first job as a hostess at Outback Steakhouse.
6. She'll visit you while you're away in college, even if you live in a teeny tiny dorm room.
7. She'll hold your hand while you get a tattoo, even if needles are your biggest fear and you almost break her hand.
8. If you have a really rough day, like say it's a week before your wedding and your fiancé calls to tell you that his passport is expired right after you try on your dress one last time only to find that it no longer fits, her first words are: "be there in ten! we're going to have drinks at tanners."
9. On your wedding day she joins you in screaming "IT'S MY WEDDING DAY!" the moment you wake up and stealthily ensures that no one bothers or upsets you, that your hair and make up are perfect, and that you don't accidentally run into the groom.
10. Then she babysits your unruly english bulldog while you're on your honeymoon!"

My best friend Kara:
"First off, that beautiful red hair. It makes you want to be a redhead. Have you ever heard the term "feisty redhead?" Well...Amanda lives up to that saying.

Amanda never, EVER misses an opportunity to lift someone's day up. She never misses out on sending birthday cards, Christmas cards, notes, or postcards just because. No matter how Amanda is feeling, she is always wanting to make her friends happy.

Her passion...for her family, her friends, her husband, her fur children, God, and her country.

Amanda's love for more ways than one. She is a proud supporter of her husband, who serves this wonderful country that we live in. Amanda is so patriotic, with her Republican elephant tattoo (with my matching one!) and American flags spread throughout her home. Also, she is a good ole country girl. She may have spent many years in the city, but those country roots sure do shine.

Her sense of adventure. It takes a lot of guts to move to a different state (or two) to be with your new husband. I love that she spread her wings and started to explore what life has to offer. Of course, it definitely has its ups and downs but I know she wouldn't trade it for the world.

Amanda has such a creative makes me jealous. Whether it's decorating a home or working on graphic design, this girl can do it all.

Her LOVE. This girl has one of the biggest hearts I've ever seen. This could probably tie in with how passionate she is but Amanda never forgets to express her love to those she cares about. (I think I should include her love for purses and shoes, but some might consider that an obsession.)

Amanda was one of my very first friends when I moved to a new school my 8th grade year. Ever since, she has been one of my very best friends. We have been through so many things...from crappy friendships that have shaped who we are to those dang boyfriends we never want to remember to. I know we are in different places in our lives, but I always have her to call when things aren't going so great. Amanda is one of my biggest fans and I'm definitely one of hers too. This list of things I love about her doesn't even begin to show who Amanda is! Ten years of friendship with laughs, tears, booze, and matching's hard to find a friend like her."

I'm lucky to have loved ones.  To have family that cares about me... friends that don't forget me.  To have support all across the nation.  I am lucky and blessed...

...and I know it.

//p.s. my heart and thoughts are with all those in Boston tonight.  Truly a senseless tragedy.


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