This is what I wear.

A few weeks ago I put out a request to my readers for some topics you wanted me to cover on this here blog.  Jame from Poppiness commented:

How about some of your favorite outfits.  I wanna see your style!

First let me start by stating... I don't think I have style.  Or A style rather.  Growing up I always had a great closet full of clothes [which was frequently raided by a couple of my high school friends]... but more often than not I showed up in jeans and a hoodie.  It's my go to.  My comfort zone.  My zen.

To this day, I think I still have a pretty good closet full of clothes... so my favorites?

I like dresses.

Worn February 2012 to a date with my hubs.
Family picture September 2012.  This is hands down my favorite dress.
But I really don't wear them enough..

During the summer I live out of cutoff shorts and t-shirts.  When I go somewhere... I step it up to a tank-top or a tube top.  Like this...
Taken June 2012 at a concert.  [I don't normally sport my boots with shorts.]
During the winter... you pretty much swap out the cutoff shorts for jeans and add a sweater or nice shirt.
Taken February 2012 before heading to a country concert.
I love shoes and purses.  A lot.
Cowgirl boots.  A girl can't have just one pair! 
My absolute favorite heels!
I like to wear my hair up.  It's rare to see it down.. and STAY down.  I have a lot of hair.  That's a lot of heat people.  I love sandals... I have a whole basket of cute flip flops and other sandals.  I like cheap clothing.  I'm not afraid to shop at Walmart or Family Dollar.  If I shop somewhere nice, it's ALWAYS the clearance racks.  I have a giant accessories collection.  I'm almost always wearing earrings that go with the outfit.  Sometimes I add a fun ring, a fun necklace or a fun bracelet.  Sometimes, not always.

But I'd have to say my uniform style is a t-shirt and basketball shorts or yoga pants.  Like now... Heyyyyy Color Run t-shirt and bright aqua Walmart mesh shorts... you rock!


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  1. I love the first outfit, super cute!!

  2. You are so pretty, and you have no idea how jealous I am of your hair color. lol

  3. Dresses and flip flops are the best! And you're hair is beautiful!

  4. Cute!!

    I usually keep my hair up too. That way it stays out of my face.

  5. I am IN LOVE with that black dress. It is so cute on you!!

  6. Omgoodness I'm in LOVE with your outfits! The first two dresses are SOOO cute! And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your concert outfit. Your hair looks phenomenal!

  7. Dresses are my favorite go-to, they are so easy and look fancy, even if I am not ;)

  8. LOVE those nude pumps and all those boots! I've never pulled the trigger to get a pair of cowboy boots but your post makes me want some!

    Stella and Dot Earrings Giveaway!

  9. Love that black dress on you! I'm always wearing belts with my dresses. :)

  10. I have the same thought process, I love cheap clothing shopping! :) Get more for your $$ in my mind.

  11. I LOVE nude heels. But i still have yet to get some! You look beautiful! I really need to step up my shoe game! haha