You blink, and days go by. [& Wed Walkabout!]

Happy belated Easter friends, family and readers!

Of course I can't actually post day-of.  That would mean I'm running on schedule.  Which never, ever, happens.  (If that happened... I would ALWAYS have my homework done prior to Sunday night..)(And I would make it anywhere ON TIME...)

Our Easter was rather simple this year.  We didn't have a large feast.  Dye eggs.  Or really do anything Easter related other than attend mass, dress up and eat tons of Easter candy.  But somehow it was perfect.  Probably cause it was me and my little family.  Being together.  Which is really how it should be...

So I hope yours had the same quality of peace, love, springtime and renewal.


I think the calmness that occurred on Easter Sunday was the building anticipation for Monday.  6 long weeks of class all led up to this one last hoorah.  Graduation.  Rob is done with his ALC course.  I was fortunate enough to not have to spend those 6 weeks separated from him.  The signal NCO academy is at Fort Gordon... so he was just gone from the house a little more.  But he still got to come home every night and sleep right next to me.
Nevertheless, it is a giant sigh of relief that this course is over.  I am so proud of him for getting it done.  And now we can look towards the future...


Of course Monday afternoon was interrupted with one of those Army phone calls.  You know the ones that interrupt a perfectly peaceful afternoon... where I'm dozing in the chair and Rob is watching some crazy movie on Netflix.  Rather than return to the 9-5 M-F schedule he had before.. now he will be on shift work, which was rumored but never confirmed until that one phone call.

Which really isn't ALL that bad.  We've been married 3 years though.. and he's never worked shift work while we have lived together.  He did it prior to us getting married and me moving to Maryland.. and then again while he was in Kuwait.  So I know there is some adjusting that will have to occur... but it's just one of those things you just deal with.  Let's just say.. I'm more than used to that by now.


Speaking of three... my first-born-fur-baby turned 3 on Saturday.  I'm almost 99% sure he knew it was a special day too... his stumpy little tail wagged more than usual, he asked for extra loving and it reminded me of how much I love that little dude.  I've been through a ton with him by my side.  So of course he was smothered with extra kisses and love...I couldn't have asked for a better, more loyal, dog.


Otherwise I'm still holding down this fort while my love earns that dough.  Doing my homework the day it is due.  Waiting for the laundry to fill every hamper before starting.  Cleaning when the floor is visibly speckled with dirt.  Hanging out with new friends and making new Georgia memories.  And always.. always... spending time with my little family.  Who could ask for more?
Happy April friends!


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  1. New follower from the blog hop! My husband is going to the signal career course this summer, so we're moving to Fort Gordon.

  2. Yea for being a mystery host! It sounds like you guys had a great weekend! Congrats to Rob for finishing his course. I'm sure that's a sigh of relief. :) Glad you're making new friends and new memories :)

  3. Sounds like a great Easter! Congrats to the hubs graduating his course!

  4. Such a sweet puppy face! :-)

  5. Following from the Wednesday Walkabout! My posts are never "on time" either. But that's because we are busy living our lives! Hope you stop by and follow back. Thanks!

  6. Yay to your husband for graduating!

  7. I am a new follower and nominated you for my Liebster Award! Check out for more details! (:

  8. yay! go rob! Happy easter to you & your family! Piston is so dang cute!! little baby is growing up. I LOVE that quote. and I love your new blog design too. I just updated mine as well :)

  9. Love this post! Congrats to your husband! Love the bird chirping quote. :)