Ohhhhhhh we're halfway there.

So I've debated on doing this since basically the first ultrasound.  After much deliberation I decided that this baby is pretty much the biggest part of our life right now (besides husbands college, hunting and football season.. bahaha).  Thus... I want to share and document this pregnancy.  I am going to do it on an every other week basis.  Now that I feel like I am starting to look pregnant, not just overweight.. it will be fun to see baby grow from the outside.  Plus I know all my friends and family will love seeing the updates.

What Fruit are you?
A banana.

Due date:  
January 28th--although Rob says the 27th based on some number he saw on screen during our last ultrasound...

How far along:  
20 weeks.

Next appointment:  


Total weight gain/loss:  
As of last appointment I was up a pound and a half.  I am sure that will change on Wednesday.  Which is fine by me.

None.. unless I spend all day on my feet.

Maternity clothes:  
Maternity pants for sure.  How come no one told me that they are so much more comfortable?? Still in my shirts from pre-pregnancy.
Belly button:  
In.  But I can tell my belly is getting bigger because last week I had to order a maternity belly button ring.  I'm being selfish and want to keep my piercing in as long as possible!!!

So-so.  I nap better than I actually sleep.

Food cravings:  
None really.  French fries always make me happy though.

My allergies are ridiculous ever since my trip back to Kansas.  Like.. open the back door and I am sneezing ridiculous.  Otherwise things are going smoothly.

Sometimes when I am laying on the couch I can feel her.  Nothing on the outside yet.. I can't wait for that though because I know the husband will be crazy excited.. and in awe.
Labor signs: 
None. Thank goodness.

What I miss:  
Laying on my belly.  Running errands all day without feeling completely wiped out.  And rum.

What I'm loving:  
The notion that I am creating a human!  It still seems so new.  Plus I love it when certain outfits flatter the belly.

What I'm looking forward to:  
Definitely the appointment Wednesday.  It seems like forever since we last saw her.  Even though it was just a month.  I can't wait for sure!

Best moment this week: 
Being done with my college education... I don't think it will ever get old knowing that I've completed my bachelor's degree!
Customary in the mirror pic.
Totally didn't realize until just now that I always face the same direction when holding the bump.

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  1. Halfway there!! How awesome! You have a lot of exciting things going on-- with finishing up school, too!

  2. Yea!!!! Congrats on being done with your Bachelors degree!!!! It's amazing when you think of everything that your body does to grow that tiny human. It's awesome! You look super cute by the way!!!!

  3. amanda!! Congrats on the pregnancy with baby girl! awhhh!! I've missed so much! you are so adorable with your baby bump!!! I am SO happy for you and rob!

  4. So happy for the both of you! I loved being pregnant. You look so very cute! Can't wait to read more about your pregnancy. Also such an amazing accomplishment to say you completed your bachelors degree. Great job lady! xo