Things I have learned this Summer.

For the first time ever Rob and I can say we have lived somewhere together for a year.  Of course August 1st came and went with no fan fare.  I think about a week later is when it dawned on me... our house-iversary had passed.  If you are military you know this is HUGE!  Cause seriously June 2010 I moved to Maryland.  June 2011 we moved back to Kansas for Rob's deployment.  July 2012 we moved to Georgia [with that extra month being in an empty apartment we never really shared].  And believe me this house feels like a home.

Since this has been our first settled summer that didn't include packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, re-settling... I've learned some things...

  • I HATE bugs.  Which is unfortunate because Georgia seriously houses every single bug ever.  I've never had a problem with them before but seriously the bugs I have encountered this summer... over it.
  • Pregnancy is infinitely times better when your best friend from home is going through the same thing as you!
  • It is impossible to keep carpet clean with two rambunctious dogs.
  • That genetic blood stuff I have confuses people.  Long story short I was told a few years ago that I would need to give myself blood thinners while pregnant.  Of course my OB and his team of doctors took a huge look at it all and it amounted to less than half of a percentage of a chance of getting a blood clot, so I [thankfully] opted out of the blood thinners.
  • 90 degree weather is not too hot to break out the pumpkin scented candles.
  • Even being a stay-at-home wife I've found myself plenty busy.. between doctors appointments, the Spouse's club I chair for and keeping up with the house I'm doing great!
  • I've inherited another gene that I didn't know about.  I tested positive in my prenatal panels for the cystic fibrosis gene.  Luckily Rob isn't a carrier so it isn't a huge concern.
  • 90 degree weather is TOO hot for good deer hunting for the husband.
  • I'm lucky to have great family and friends who support me.. no.matter.what.

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  1. I'm so glad that Rob isn't a carrier for the cystic fibrosis gene. I have 2 cousins that have it and it's awful.

  2. big weight off from the CF news! That's a biggie!

  3. Yea for your house anniversary!!!! Glad to hear things are going good for you and you are staying busy!!!! I had spina bifia when I was born and therefore a carrier, I opted to do the extra testing that tests for those chromosome abnormalities and do the extra ultrasound, I'm super glad I did because it calmed my fears down.
    I'm still so excited for you to be a mommy! You're going to do awesome!!!

  4. What a sweet post! Lots of lessons learned this summer. :)

    Semper Wifey

  5. SO glad you've been able to settle in one place for awhile!

  6. Happy House-Anniversary! That's a very special milestone. :)