A little bit of life.

"I breathe in, I breathe out."
-Craig Morgan

As per the norm, I've got a bunch of thoughts floating through my head.  When I go to scatter them on paper... they magically just flicker away to a single line or word.  Funny how that happens.

So today?  Today you get the entire mash up.  Whether it makes sense or not.

I love seeing pictures on my feed of new babies.  Especially when the happy (but tired) mother is an old friend from high school.

Halloween is tomorrow... but all I can think of is Thanksgiving.  Why?  Because we are headed to Tampa to spend the holiday with our grandparents.  (AND a very special blogger friend of mine is going to take some maternity pictures for me.  Hi, Rachel!)

Oh yeah. Halloween is tomorrow.  My husband is a sneaky sneak who somehow got out of picking out pumpkins this year!  Again.. But never fear we dropped $25 on candy.  Although we secretly hope all children stay far far away.  More for us...

I've been told by about three people to quit stressing that baby G's room is filled with non-baby related crap.  OBVIOUSLY these people forgot who they were talking to.  Quit stressing? Me? HA!

Husband is knee deep in preparing a packet to hopefully get selected for Warrant Officer school after the first of the year.  So any good thoughts you've got to spare.. send them our way because that's kind of a huge deal!

I'm excited, yet not that the holidays are upon us.  The holiday season always goes so so fast.  Which is not good when a little peanut is expected the very next month.  I'm not sure I am all that ready for Rob, Amanda and baby.  I need more time to prepare.... seriously.

I have never gotten the flu shot.  So I'm making my husband go with me to get it since this whole being pregnant thing kind of requires it.  It's not that I am afraid of shots.... just... I can't even describe it.

It warmed back up here in Augusta, Georgia.  Which is pretty standard.  It gets cold at night, warm during the day.  AKA perfect-oh.

The laundry in this house never never never gets caught up, like ever.

My absolute favorite part of this time of year?  Festivals [because in Georgia.. they have them in October] and rodeos.  Oh and pumpkin scented candles of course.

I just sent out a whole slew of e-mails for the spouse's club.  I do all of my work pretty much on one day.  So sorry, not sorry?!

And now that I got all of THAT off my chest...
Happy Halloween friends!!!
I hope you have a very safe holiday and eat tons of chocolate.
[Cause diets should absolutely be ignored on this day.]

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  1. I am so ready for Halloween tomorrow the candy is taunting me haha.

  2. Oh you'll be in Tampa again!?!?! I'll be in FLA this year, if you have time I would LOVE to finally meet up!!!! Just let me know :) Yea for Rob! I will send positive thoughts his way. That is awesome!!!!!
    P.S. I love random posts! They remind me I'm not so crazy or scatter brained. :)