[[26 weeks.. late.]]

This is late because I was too lazy to get dressed pretty much my entire 26th week.  I finally took pictures on Friday.. and edited them today to share with you all.. My excuse?  I'm pregnant. ;)

What Fruit are you?
A scallion according to my app.
Although I realize that is not a fruit.  [Or I don't think at least?]

Due date:  
January 28th!

How far along:  
26 weeks!
27 in like two days. Haha.

Next appointment:  
Not for another week! :)

Female!  My little girlie girl.

Total weight gain/loss:  
As of last appointment was up about 12 pounds overall.. I believe.

I think my ankles are a wee bit more swollen than normal.  But it comes and it goes.
Maternity clothes:  
Just pants. Lots of t-shirts.. haven't had to dress up recently!  Although I did purchase a nice going out shirt the other day.  And I am testing out the belly band creation... because I'm not impressed with the lackluster maternity jeans section.

Belly button:  
In!  I'm not sure it will ever pop out.  Which I'm okay with.

Better.. I sleep HARD.  And as long as Piston doesn't wake me.. I can sleep through the night with one potty break.  But I'm also restless when I sleep.  As in I toss and turn a lot.  So mostly good.

Food cravings:  
Chocolate.  I just want it everyday... And I've been craving Mr. Goodcents.  Which is a subs and pasta place mostly found in the midwest... that is nowhere near here.

I waddle.  I want to sleep ALL of the time.  I go through crazy cleaning phases.  I have hot flashes and recently my belly has started itching because of the stretch marks that are appearing...

All of the time.  She's finally off of my bladder... like a champ.  So I feel her moving more in my middle area.. which feels different to say the least.  Rob has yet to feel her, although I am certain the moment will happen soon.  Especially since I've caught my belly lurching a few times.

Labor signs: 
None thank goodness.

What I miss:  
Rum.  Sleeping on my belly.  My regular wardrobe.
What I'm loving:  
Definitely looking pregnant.  And the cuddles I've been getting from Piston lately.  He always has to be laying near me or on top of me depending on his mood.  Not sure if it is baby related, but I'm thinking there may be some correlation.

What I'm looking forward to:  
Halloween.. aka having an excuse to eat the absurd amount of candy that is sure to be consumed.

Best moment this week: 
Hands down girlfriend moving off of my bladder.  I magically don't have to pee as much as I did.  Isn't that ironic??

...sorry for the lackluster photo quality. I don't claim to be a professional...

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  1. I love that sweater on you! Super cute. :)

  2. Omgosh how adorable are you!! Congratulations!!

  3. Cute post! I wish I would have done this when I was pregnant. And I am always talking about missing Goodcents, pregnant or not! It's one of KC's best features!!!

  4. Too cute! Dogs and cats can sense when we are pregnant, so they do tend to stick to us and want to lay on us when we are pregnant. I know my cat wouldn't leave me alone when I was with both my kids. :)
    Hey, you should enjoy this time you have before the baby comes. Not dressing and relaxing are all you should be worrying about :) enjoy it :)

  5. Very cute! You look dang good! I love how dogs just know about the pregnancy. I'm pretty sure the extra cuddles are because of it!