A weekend post.

What. A. Weekend.

A good one at that.

One that I am now laying on the couch recovering from.

So some highlights.

Friday afternoon... this happened->

That's right I cut my hair off.  I had already decided that I wanted to take some serious length off of it.  While I love my hair long... it is SO heavy and rarely ever do I wear it down.  And when I think about having long hair with a kid, I know it will never not see a ponytail or bun.  So I had a predetermined length, which happened to be cutting off ten inches.  Aka enough to donate.  I've never donated my hair before and I didn't intentionally plan on donating it this time... but y'all, it makes me so so so excited.

As for the short length, I am still getting used to it.  My go to hairstyles are a little harder to perfect with this haircut.  But so far so good.

Then Saturday morning happened...
Baby Girl and I!
My cousin Jess and I!
Cousin again!  She gets married next weekend!!
Jess, Kay, Heather and I!
The Color Run was in town.  I signed up for this back in like March.  Of course I wasn't planning on being pregnant, but that is how it worked out.  So baby G and I walked the course with my cousin, one of her friends and her friends kiddo.  We had so much fun.  As usual.  If you don't know about this run, you are seriously missing out.  It is so fun and definitely worth every penny.

The rest of the weekend has been filled with spending time with my main men.  Date night with Rob on Friday.  Running errands last night together.  And now watching some foozball because HELLO it is Sunday!  That my friends is the perfect way to end a weekend.

Coming up next week?
.doc appointment for baby girl.
.my cousin's wedding in Jacksonville.
.hopefully finishing moving all of the crap out of the nursery room.
.24 week bumpdate.
.decorating for Halloween.
....and loving life!

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  1. Wow, I bet your head is feeling a little lighter after that haircut! And weren't you looking colorful...

  2. What an awesome weekend!!!! I want to do a color run soon! They look like so much fun!!!!

  3. Definitely a great weekend you had! I love the color run photos. :)

  4. I wish I could grow my hair long enough to cut off 10 inches and donate it! It does this weird flippy thing when it gets a certain length so I have to chop it off out of annoyance. My husband and I are running the Color Run next Saturday! I ran it last year and loved it I'm very excited to do it again!

  5. Some girl is going to be SO THRILLED to receive your hair. They will be envied for sure!! What a great thing for you to do. :) Glad you had fun at the Color Run!

  6. Love that you donated your hair! You have beautiful hair! Looks like such a fun weekend! Can't wait to read about doc appt for baby girl! xoxo

  7. What a great weekend! Love the color run pics! So fun!