Twenty Four.

Just a girl and her dog.
What Fruit are you?
An ear of corn.

Due date:  
January 28th.

How far along:  
24 weeks!  Give or take a few according to my husband.

Next appointment:
We had an appointment today... where little bean is 1.7 pounds. :) She's gained 6 ounces in two weeks.  Next appointment is 4 weeks from tomorrow.

Girlie girl!
Total weight gain/loss:  
Up another 4 pounds from four weeks ago.

My fingers showed their first signs of swelling this week after completing the Color Run.  But it seems that was just a result of doing the run as they are back to normal!

Maternity clothes:  
Just pants.  Closet still shrinking week by week.

Belly button:  
Had a world class photo bomber.. so this is as good as it gets.
Decent. I am ready for bed at the end of the night... and can sleep hard and long.

Food cravings:  

I feel like I am starting to waddle.  Girlfriend has her feet in my bladder area which may contribute to some of it.

All the time.  She is very active.  Still can't be felt from the outside.  Hoping that changes in the next few weeks because a certain husband of mine is starting to feel a wee bit jealous.
Labor signs: 

What I miss:  
Not having to think about things like glucose tests... yeah not looking forward to that one.  Sleeping on my belly.  And being able to be active a full day instead of just partial.

What I'm loving:  
How baby G responds to our voices.  She loves hearing her dads.  And is always active when I am sitting in the car.

What I'm looking forward to:  
My cousins wedding coming up on Sunday evening in Jacksonville!

Best moment this week: 
Completing the Color Run with baby in tow!  And not having to do the glucose test today!  I'm supposed to do it a few days before my next appointment.  So yipee!!

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  1. You look great! It seems like time is flying by.

  2. You look awesome! Love these updates! So happy for you! :)

  3. Recently following your blog and you have such a cute bump and its awesome you did the color run baby in tow!!!!

  4. adorable! i loved doing the color run recently. it was alot of fun!

  5. You look great and really happy!!!! I'm glad you were able to compete in the color run! Sounds like fun! I hope you have fun at your cousin's wedding! The glucose test is not fun, but you'll survive :)

  6. The glucose test isn't as bad as it sounds! At least for me it wasn't, but I did it at a civilian doctor. Mine tasted like Sprite and basically just gave me a sugar rush :) Good luck!