How It Goes

We've been busy.  Like legit busy.  A few weeks ago I was all "man there is nothing to do...""look at my empty dvr...""my back feels fantastic...".  And then last week hit like a giant wave rocking the largest of boats.

So what have we been doing?

-Exchanging our F150 for an F250.  Then hanging out under the hood like there's nowhere else we'd rather be.  [Actually, I just stand next to it and watch Rob hang out.]
-Cleaning tons of greased covered clothing as a result of above.
-Enjoying 30 degree nights at the demolition derby.
-Enjoying 80 plus degree days in the middle of November.
-Sending prayers and well wishes to the midwest after Sunday's weather.
-Skipping to and from wayy too many doctors appointments on post.  Gestational diabetes tests, nutrition consultations, learning how to take my sugars, actual see-our-baby appointments and then there's the waiting in the pharmacy "appointments".
-Coping with the "I-have-gestational-diabetes" fact.
-Learning to deal with and moving on from the above.
-Eating better and walking more.
-Attending the monthly board meeting and luncheon for the spouse's club.
-Working on the nursery.
-Running into problems in the nursery [more on that in a later post...]
-Making to do lists.
-Planning game nights for said spouse's club.
-Waiting for the Fedex truck, UPS truck and mailman like he's Santa himself.
-Opening our baby shower presents [more on that in a later post...]
-Cleaning like a mad woman.
-Sending out the holiday card exchange list... [did you get yours?!]

And oh yeah, growing a baby.  Hard work y'all.  So between my ten thousand doctors appointments and everything else going on... I crawl into bed at night with a sore back and a kicking baby.  Together we snooze right through the late morning hours [as long as there are no early morning commitments of course] and start the routine all over again.

But ya know what.. I'm okay with that.


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  1. You are definitely a busy lady!

  2. Wow! very busy! I like to be busy though. I get bored quickly if there isn't anything to do. We have a F250 as well and it is an amazing family car! Very comfortable and easy to get the kids in an out. Good choice :)

  3. Wow! You're definitely busy. But I'd personally rather be busy than not have much to do.

  4. Ah....busy can be good though! Maybe it'll help pregnancy fly by!