The third trimester. [28//30]

So my 28th week was lame.  I wrote up all my answers... but never took pictures as it was a pretty slow week.  I'm not one to dress up specifically for pictures, and believe me... you DON'T want to see my pajama/sweats pictures. :) So I took pictures at 29 weeks.. but didn't want to post... so you have answers from my 28th week and 30th week... along with pictures from my 29th week.  You're welcome. :)

What Fruit are you?
An eggplant. // A large cabbage.

Due date:  
January 28th.

How far along:  
28 weeks.. aka the start of my third trimester.
Just a few days away from 29 weeks. // 30 weeks.

Next appointment:
Had one Wednesday.. next one is in two weeks! // Wednesday.. we are officially into every two weeks I do believe.

Total weight gain/loss:  
Total of 10 pounds. // Was 11 pounds at my nutrition appointment last Thursday.

None as of late.

Maternity clothes:  
I've switched to jeggings in the past week and they are amazing.  Rob calls them "jantz" so it is kind of a running joke around here.  But seriously I picked up a pair from Walmart for $12 and I wear them with my belly band... greatest pants ever.  I now own four pairs.  And that's basically all I plan to wear in public from here on out. // Invested in another maternity shirt.. it's a tunic, and I love it.  Looking for a few more before Thanksgiving.. but not wanting to spend a lot, so that makes it kind of hard.  The joys, right?
Belly button:  
Still in.

Hit or miss.  Some nights great, other nights not so much.

Food cravings:  
Caesar salad from Texas Roadhouse.  I wish I could find a way to get it like everyday without having to go there to get it.  But hey it's whatever... if we are on the way to "clean-er" eating I'm all for it.  // Everything I can't have.  Pepsi, chocolate, french fries.  My eating has been way better since getting diagnosed with GD [oh wait, that comes later in this post...] but I'm still struggling with what I can't eat.

Testing high on my 1-hr glucose test.  I got a 152 when I needed to be below 135.  Fantastical.  So I went in for the AWFUL 3-hour test [that was more like 4]... and surprise surprise, my body can't handle all of the sugar being created.  Luckily there is LESS THAN THREE MONTHS that I have to diet.  So I'm just reminding myself that it is doable. Because.. it is.  // Low blood sugar.  Which is strange.. I tested high, but I haven't had normal readings in a while.  Not sure what that's all about...

She's fairly active... like all of the time.  // AND Rob felt her for sure like 100% for the first time within the last week.  That is a huge deal since my placenta has generally been in the way of feeling her until now.
Labor signs: 
None. :D

What I miss:  
Not having to stress about things like glucose tests.  And rum and white wine.  // Pepsi, chocolate and french fries.

What I'm loving:  
Knowing that we are in the final stretch.  She will be here in under three months!  Tons to do still, but it will all come naturally!  // Getting her room all cleaned out, holes filled, sanded, painted, carpet cleaned and SOON FURNITURE!

What I'm looking forward to:  
Finally getting signed up for some birth classes.  The lamaze class that is offered for free through the local hospital and Tricare is full for the month of December... so I guess we will be going to plan B... do another class and teach myself how to cool it during labor. Wish me luck!  // Opening all of my virtual baby shower presents this week.  We've had a few last minute presents come in.. but we had an overall good turnout, and it is killing me not knowing what the packages consist of.  Kill.Ing.Me.

Best moment this week: 
Getting the glucose tests done.  // Getting to share the joy of her kicking with Rob.  She's become so active and I love that he gets to be apart of it now too.

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  1. You look AMAZING! I can't believe how fast time is flying by.

  2. Awww you are so cute! The third trimest goes quickly! Enjoy getting her room set up. I have something to send to you soon as well :) Have fun opening all of those presents!!!!

  3. I love your belly pics!! You're looking great :) Also, I love your boots!