Holiday Card Exchange Wrap-Up!

Another holiday season in the books.  The decorations are down, the house returned to its former glory.  In a neat and tidy pile... you'll find my holiday card collection.

I'm a card person.  I don't try to hide it.  Usually (aka when I am not pregnant) I send cards to friends and family for their birthdays, anniversaries and just because.

So one of my absolute favorite parts of Christmas is getting extra mail in the mailbox.

Our display this year--

I sent...
29 cards to Kansas.
2 cards to Missouri.
1 card to Oklahoma.
cards to California.
5 cards to Florida.
3 cards to Oregon.
cards to Maryland.
6 cards to North Carolina.
cards to Virginia.
2 cards to Texas.
cards to Washington.
1 card to Arizona.
1 card to Georgia.
1 card to New Jersey.
1 card to Utah.
1 card to Canada.
1 card to Illinois.
1 card to Kentucky.
1 card to Australia.
For a total of 70 cards.
48 personal family and friends.
6 blog friends from my Holiday Card Exchange.
16 virtual friends from one of my military spouse support pages.

Huge thanks to all of the ladies that signed up for my holiday card exchange through this here blog.  I hope you enjoyed getting the extra mail just as much as I did.  A special shout out to you all...
Amanda @ Prepared to Take Off
Jess (my cousin, who happens to be a new military spouse, ex Navy)
Caitlin @ Heller We Doing // Brittin @ Olson's Travels
Ashlee @ I'll Love You Forever // Kim @ Through These Eyes
and Karen @ Ramblings of an Otter Wifey

Leave a link below if you shared your holiday card exchange.

Otherwise.. until next year...

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  1. What a beautiful display! It was so much fun being part of the exchange. Can't wait until next Christmas! :)