My nerves.

"God will never lead you to it,
if he can't get you through it."

It's officially getting real y'all... I'm going to be a mother soon.  More than just a fur-mom.  I'm going to be responsible for a living breathing real life human...

Pause for effect.  Let's let that sink in.

I'd be lying if I sat here and said I'm not scared or nervous.  Let's be frank.  I'm terrified. Terrified of labor and giving birth.  Terrified of learning the ropes of this huge responsibility. Terrified to raise a child, not to mention a girl.  Terrified of how drastically (and potentially quickly) my life is going to change.

My one bit of strength?  My support group.  I may be the only one able to deliver this little bit to the real world... but I get to learn the parenthood ropes with my husband.  So far he's had it relatively easy... but once she is here... it's on.  I couldn't ask for a better partner to tackle this next step in our life with.  With him, I am blessed to have parents that are excited for this adventure.  Excited to help in any way they can as we transition into this new world.  Finally, I am blessed with countless family members and friends who have checked in on me and share our enthusiasm for this little person about to make her appearance.

I know I am blessed to even have this opportunity.  I know I am strong enough to get through it... but the fear of the unknown has been on my mind so much lately.  Uncharted territory gives me the jitters... and all I can say is... the definition of uncharted territory doesn't even being to describe this next life change.


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  1. I have always loved that quote. It's a little bit terrifying just to wake up each day and do the mom thing, but it's also exhilarating and beautiful. You will be amazing!

  2. You can do this! As far as labor and delivery- just think about all the babies born every day. So many women have done it and gone on to change a disgusting diaper just a few hours later. ;) God designed your body to do this job! And they also have nice drugs if you request them. :) You will get the hang of parenting faster than you think. Just don't go saying out loud that you've got them figured out. Kids somehow pick up on that and then change it all up so fast, because the last thing they want is for you to be on your game. ;) So fun! So frustrating! Such a roller coaster! Can't wait to meet your little lady!

  3. Yes you can do it! I was terrified before I had Lucas, the unknown I think is the worst. Plus everyone's birth story is different. You can do this and you will be an amazing mommy. Just remember, there is a learning curve......but you'll get it and as soon as you do, things will change :) Just try and keep calm and you know you can text or call me at any time :)

  4. I was terrified with BOTH pregnancies! And some days, I look at my kids and am still terrified that I'm doing something wrong and they won't grow up right. Part of motherhood, I guess. You'll do great!

  5. You are going to be an amazing Mom!

  6. Best of luck to you as you begin this next chapter in your life. You're going to be a great mom!