A Very Icy Valentine's Day.

On Monday I was excited for Valentine's Day... our first with the baby!  The holiday takes on a whole new meaning when it's your first holiday with a baby!

Then Wednesday hit like a bat out of hell.  It sleeted, rained, snowed.. heck we even had thunder and lightening.  Our beautiful pine trees on the back of our property and along our master bedroom side of the house took a massive and I mean massive beating as the ice weighed them down.  We spent the majority of the day listening to branches snap left and right.

By 11:30 that night we were counting our lucky stars.  We were among the few that still had power and we had not quite lost any major tree limbs, or entire trees.

Of course that luck ran out at 11:45.  We lost power and had our first major tree snap across our backyard.  We hunkered down in our spare bedroom (no trees on that side of the house) and weathered the storm - quite literally.  Our house went from 78 degrees to 56 by morning.  Just chilly enough to worry about our sweet little girl.  Even though I felt like she was holding heat pretty good... she's still only 3 weeks old.

So we loaded up in the truck and went out.  I'm not kidding y'all, it looks like a war zone out there.  The stores were packed.  We got a few necessities and grabbed some lunch.

By the time we got home 4 hours later, the power was back on.  Someone was watching out for us.  I'm not sure we would be able to get through another night in the house if the power would have stayed out.

Our Valentine's Day will be spent in the warmth, with some of my favorite people.  I will dress Grace up in her "my first Valentine's Day" onesie, and I will be reminded of all the love we have experienced in the last 3 weeks.

I truly hope wherever you are... you are in the warmth, and out of harms way with those that you love.

Happy Valentine's Day friends!

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  1. I am so glad that you got power back!! Enjoy your weekend together!

  2. Oh man I'm glad your power came back on. Stay safe! I hope GA thaws out soon!

  3. So glad you are able to spend this wonderful day with your loves! Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Whew! I'm glad you guys are ok.:) I think ice storms are the scariest! Thankfully we don't get them this far south. Hope you guys have a great Valentine's day!!!!

  5. I'm glad your power came back! That's never fun when it goes out.