Tuesday Sweet Nothings.

Hey it's okay...

...that the husband went back to work today.  Grace and I handled it like champs.  She slept almost all day and I varied between cleaning, cuddling and watching some of my favorite reality crap on the DVR.  After almost a month off, I think it was great for all of us to get some space and start settling into a new routine.

...to experience your first earthquake and aftershock at 23.  I live in the state of Georgia and can't say I really expected to feel a 4.1 magnitude earthquake Valentine's night... or any night while living in this state.  But I live roughly 40 minutes from the epicenter in Edgefield, South Carolina and while I didn't know what the rumbling was initially (I freaked out, can't help it)... I now know we experienced our first earthquake.  We being Grace and I.  (The 3.2 magnitude aftershock was felt heard Sunday afternoon.)

...to check that my sweet girls chest is rising and falling while she sleeps.  I'm sure that is a new mom thing.

...that I just finished the baby announcements... one week shy of her being here for one month.  I wanted to get them done sooner.. and while they still aren't "done".. they are closer.  Now to just print, address and mail.

...that the USPS raised the price of stamps to almost 50 cents.  Does anyone else find that absurd??!  I get you are broke... but whatevs... it's okay, I will forgive because I love mail.

...to wish I was in Kansas.  One of my best friends is about 5 weeks shy of her due date and bedridden.  I so wish I were closer so that I could keep her company.  Oh and then baby love could go over to Grandma and Grandpa's whenever.  The military life.

...to find it crazy to be raising a military child.  My sweet girl will experience more in her young life than most young children do.  For it she will be stronger and hopefully more confident in her life decisions.  I only hope I can instill in her all of the best values while still relocating every 3ish years, and spending time away from Daddy and the rest of family.

...to be kind of mad at DeVry.  I've waited for over six months for them to announce the summer graduation date in Atlanta (closest university).  Six months... you read that right.  I've never heard of a college not announcing graduation dates until February for a summer graduation.  Tonight I got the dates... it's at the end of July!  They've been telling me the end of June!  What the what DeVry... awesome.  Crossing fingers and toes my parents will be able to make it.

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  1. Love that photo of y'all! And still cannot believe that earthquake! Georgia! GET IT TOGETHER.

  2. I'm glad to read you're adjusting! The first day alone is always the most nerve wracking!

  3. I love that photo. Too cute!

    I hate that stamps have gone up. So frustrating :/ I love sending real letters, but ugh!

  4. Military kids are pretty cool. Some of us even grow up to be military wives, haha.