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Good news friends... my AMAZING husband fixed the desktop.  Praise the Lord!  He was also able to recover everything off of the crashed hard drive.  So we are back up and running and will be getting back to a regular posting schedule here in the next week.

In the meantime... what have we been up to?

My sweet family!
We hosted a Baby, Bows, Beer and Burgers party last weekend for our local friends.  All of our closest friends showed up and I do believe everyone had a great time.  Grace slept much of Sunday as she recovered from the excitement.  But girlfriend never complains about being held.  Ever.  It is great to know that we have some awesome friends in the area... especially as a military family.

The very next day was Piston's 4th birthday!  Four?!  He was born just a few days after we got married and we brought him home with us in June of that year.  Just one day after I moved from Kansas to Maryland.  He has been with us every step of the way.  I wouldn't trade him for the world.  Hands down Piston is the best dog ever.  He is easy going and a lover.  A crazy pain in the arse when it comes to visitors... but just way too excited. He's been good with Grace and I literally couldn't ask for anything more.  Happy birthday again baby boy!
Some of the decorations and presents from the BBB&B party.
Shout out to Rachel for the awesome frame.  RachJam Decor is where you can find your own!
Grace and I spent a day last week shopping with Abby.  Our goal?  To find ball dresses.  The company has scheduled ANOTHER ball.  Third times the charm?  (Last year they scheduled the ball for two different dates and ended up cancelling both.)  The dress I bought for the last scheduled date is a bit big now as I bought it while pregnant.  I'm keeping it though because I wouldn't be surprised if someday I have to attend a ball while pregnant.  The pickings were slim (if you are a military spouse... check and see if you have a Ross local... $30 price range for formal gowns!) but I did find one dress that I brought home.  After showing it to Rob, I think we have both decided to keep looking.  I still have a month.  So wish me luck!

The baby and I have also spent many days in the last month out to lunch with friends.  One of the ladies I met at Fort Meade just PCS'd here a few moths ago.  It has been AWESOME having Rachel local again.  So among lunch with her, we've had spouse club gatherings, and more.  We've been busy.  Good busy.
On his birthday!
On Friday we had a little scare when Piston ate a wasp (we think).  I was nursing the baby and Piston would not stop running around the house itching his face.  Luckily Rob came home and was able to help.  We got him a benadryl and gave him some ear lotion thinking it was just his seasonal allergies.  Then we noticed his face was swelling.  Popped another benadryl and put him on a leash so he couldn't itch anymore.  The swelling went away EXCEPT where he got stung on the side of his face.  Poor baby.  He scared Momma, that's for sure.  Here's to hoping he learned his lesson!

Finally... how about this weather?  The past week has been high 70s-high 80s.  With low to no humidity.  I wish I could find somewhere where it was like this all of the time with no humidity (I don't do humidity.  Period.)... but I've yet to find that one illusive place.  We have rain approaching today.  But I'm okay with it as we spent a huge chunk of the day yesterday outside soaking up the weather.
My sweet babies.
And just to give you a sneak peak of what is in the works:
-2 month baby post!
-Nursery reveal!
-And more!

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  1. So many fun events happening! Happy belated Birthday, Piston! :)

  2. Fun! Glad to hear you've been good busy! Always a good thing :) Happy belated birthday to Piston! Glad the transition has been smooth! Cute pics!!!!