Grace's first Easter weekend.

I'd like to say we did a whole bunch of super cute, tradition setting things for Grace's very first Easter.  But we didn't.  She's 5 days shy of three months old... so I opted out.  Or rather, I never really got around to it.  Regardless of the lack of cutesy traditions, we had a pretty good weekend... as a family.

Our weekend started Friday, as the mister had the day off.  And we spent the [VERY] rainy day running some errands.  Finally finished getting Grace enrolled in Deers.. she's legit now.  Stopped at Lowe's.  Took a small walk back in time via the music being played.  It was stellar.  And then... we braved the mall for Easter bunny pictures.

It took for. freaking. ever.  Mind you, I have been trying to get Rob to go with us for like 2 weeks now.  Instead we waited until 2 days before Easter, and as a result so did everyone else.  We barely made it through without a major meltdown from Grace.  BUT we survived...

Thank goodness for the not-so-creepy female bunny!
And the baby SMILES.

And on top of all of the Friday excitement, we also had to deal with some teething crankiness.  Yes, you read that right... my not even three month old baby has already broke a tooth on her bottom left side.  It's oddly popping out the front.. but it's there in all its white glory.

Saturday we ran some more errands.  My major to-do this weekend was to get my sister's graduation invitations, Grace's baptism invites and the open house party invites printed, enveloped and mailed.  Check, check and check.

We attempted to go to the Easter vigil mass.  I say attempted because we made it about 35 minutes into what more than likely turned into a 2 hour mass.  Grace was fine until they shut the lights off to do the candle procession.  Then she got fussy.  And after a diaper change and some walking around outside of the main gathering space... we decided to call it and headed for the car.  Lesson learned... early masses for the win, always.

Awesome quality cell phone front camera picture!  Makes my teeth
look super awesome white... and Rob's lips blue.  But it must be
shared to prove that we did in fact dress up for church!
She wasn't exactly having it...
Hands, hands... all of the time!

But we got dressed up-we showed up with the best intentions-and as Rob put it... Jesus understands.

That night we did Easter baskets.  Because I just can't wait [and... Rob had cold beers in his basket.  Plus... Grace is not even three months old [that's like the fifth time I've said that.. sorry!]... so she will not remember that the bunny visited with her sitting right there.]  Everyone was happy.. even Piston who had some eggs from the bunny too!

My basket. Grace's basket. Rob's basket. Piston's eggs.
She's clearly interested.
Please, please, please disregard the floor that desperately needed vacuuming.
Daddy thought he was clever stacking her entire Easter basket on her.
4 books, a headband and a bib.
Daddy and his basket.
Piston loves when presents are opened in this house!

So our actual Easter was pretty low key.  We Skyped with my family in the afternoon.  Then cooked a [bigger than normal, but not a feast] dinner.  Before wrapping up the weekend with some cuddle time and TV.

My sweet sweet girl.
That face..

[[I'm not entirely sure I like re-capping our entire weekend.  We just don't do enough fun stuff to justify a full weekend post every time.  BUT I had a ton of pictures I wanted to share from this weekend.  All taken on my phone, because I am THAT blogger.  So there's that.]]

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  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend! You will have plenty of time to create those traditions. Trust me. We didn't start Easter traditions with our kids until last year. :) It's all good.

  2. What a wonderful first Easter for Grace! These are wonderful photos.

  3. Love all the pictures! Sounds like a great weekend. :)

  4. She looked cute! I admire you for attempting Mass- it is tough in these first few years

  5. Cute photos!

    And that Easter Bunny didn't look scary for once. I like that costume.

  6. What a sweet picture with the bunny! Love those smiles!