Nursery Reveal.

So I've had a half written post in draft for months now.  A post where I went into great detail about how much of a nightmare setting up Grace's nursery was.  To sum it up?

-It took forever and a day to clean the room out.
-The touch up paint had to be re-touched up not once, but twice, because of the wrong finish.
-Our original crib came damaged and had to be exchanged.
-Not to mention half the furniture didn't get there until my parents did.. when Grace was born.

REGARDLESS.  Her room is done.  And I love it.

So without further ado...

As close to seeing the whole room as I can get.
Crib-Gift from my parents. Broyhill brand.
Bedding-Gift from my Aunt Ann and Uncle Bob. Buy Buy Baby.
Rug-Target on clearance.
White Basket-Family heirloom.
Crib bumper-Gift from my parents. Also Buy Buy Baby.
I made these by spray painting basic wood letters from Hobby Lobby purple and
 then wrapping matching ribbon around and hanging.  They are actually hung
with a push pin hidden between the two layers.
Dresser-Family heirloom refinished by my Dad.
Lamp-Family item that I updated with a new lampshade and ribbon.
Artwork upper left and bottom right-Framed fabric scraps.
Artwork on upper right-framed quote with punch outs from baby shower cards.
Artwork on bottom left-Gift from my friend Rachel, who made it.  Check out RachJam Decor for yours!
Rocking chair-Family heirloom.
Curtains-Purchased from Walmart years ago.
And internet wires... because this use to be the office!
Her (sort of) organized closet.
Shoes, burp rags, extra bedding on the left in the hanger.
Two size ranges of clothing (this picture is nb and 0 to 3 month)(currently though, 3 month and 3 to 6 month).
Extra diapers, blankets and receiving blankets.
Clothing in bigger sizes on the far right.
And 4 giant tubs at the bottom full of one of our family friends baby wardrobe (they graciously loaned it to us!)!
And a bump on the rug... aka Piston.
Side note... we rent, so the walls have to stay that awful yellow color.  It doesn't exactly go with the rest of the room.. but you gotta do what you gotta do.

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  1. Oh my word, I seriously LOVE her crib bedding.
    Where was that 6 years ago? ;)

  2. So cute! Isn't that the one awful thing about renting... Not being able to change up the wall colors to what you want?! haha! It looks great regardless!

  3. She's one lucky lady. Her nursery is adorable.

  4. Adorable! I love all the colors. My son is almost 8 months old and his nursery is still not complete...womp womp....second baby syndrome here

  5. So cute! I love that rug.

  6. I love the purple and I LOVE that rug!

  7. Love it! You coordinated everything so nicely! We just rearranged half of Molly's room today and I am just so HAPPY that it's done and functional. Nothing feels better than finishing up a project like that, right?

  8. This nursery is so cute! I had similar curtains when I was young, they were from pottery barn though, these look just as lovely!

  9. It looks so good! I love the bedding! So cute.

  10. It looks great! I love all of the family heirlooms! I haven't done anything with Evelyn's nursery. She has a bed, rocker, and changing table in there, but I'm not worried about decorating it since we're moving in less than two months. I'm looking forward to decorating her room in PA though!