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Well we have embarked on our adventure back to Kansas... please pray all goes smoothly with an almost 4 month old and a 4 year old dog.  We are crazy.. but it will totally be worth it once we get there!

I've had this quiz sitting on my to-do list a while now.  It's old, and it went around forever ago, but who said you can't join the party late?!

For the original template please visit here.

Epic failure... this post was supposed to go live the 14th of this month... as in 2 and a half weeks ago.  Obviously it didn't.  So I just disappeared and nobody knew what happened (unless you follow me on Instagram!)... good news folks.  We survived our one day shy of 2 week adventure back to the midwest.  I will have a giant wrap up post first thing next week.  Needless to say I am most definitely still recovering from all that traveling.

Happy weekend, and hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day!

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