This, this and this happened.

I am a bit behind in wrapping up life.  So I am going to dedicate this post to a few special events that happened earlier this month, prior to us leaving for vacation.

First there was the Denim and Diamonds-Military Spouse Appreciation Event 2014.  This was my second year attending, and definitely a fun evening for all!  You dress up, receive an awesome gift bag filled with sponsor goodies, eat a fabulous dinner, listen to wonderful speakers, and above all--meet other spouses in the area.  This year I attended with my friend Rachel, and Grace.  She was supposed to get to go to a daycare like setting right down the hallway from me, but it wasn't exactly what I was expecting (read--a few Airmen/husbands watching over a slew of toddlers... not ideal for a needy baby!), so she got to spend the evening with me, after I was relocated to the back of the room with the other babies and moms (which will probably not be the last time that happens..).  Regardless of the initial wariness, I definitely had a great evening and encourage any of my local friends to look for this event in the coming years!

Grace and I.
Us and Rachel.. G wants y'all to see her bald halo!

Then on Friday, Military Spouse Appreciation Day, I worked the Fort Gordon Spouse's and Civilian's Club table at the lunchtime event hosted by ACS.  So while getting the word out about the club, I also got to enjoy another day of being surrounded by some amazing local spouse's.  Which hands down y'all, these ladies rock.

Helping Ms. Megan talk the club up!

On a side note, I did see some posts in blog world about how military spouse's don't deserve their own appreciation day.. it's just another day.. I don't want to be thanked... blah blah.  There is ALWAYS someone.  To you I say.. own it.  If you don't celebrate, don't celebrate.  I appreciate the events put on to recognize the hard work many spouses do in the military community.  We don't serve, we don't carry rank and we don't have it that hard.  But I have met so so many military spouse's that volunteer countless hours (hello, are you a blog reader of Jen's?!), work their butts off for the troops and hold the fort down at home.  Frankly, those women DO deserve to be celebrated.  **END RANT, that I am sure will not be the last time I feel the need to defend MILSO Appreciation Day.**

Also, thanks to all that linked up to the Military Spouse Appreciation Day blog hop!

That Friday night was fun for both Rob and I as we attended our first ever ball together!  Third time's the charm.  Last year there was supposed to be one in the spring, and again in November.. both times the event was cancelled before really planned.  Regardless, I found an amazing $40 dress from Ross (please, please, please... go there.  They have formal dresses as low as $20, and CUTE summer dresses for $10 and under.), I curled my hair and put on a bit more makeup than usual.  We dropped the babe off for her first ever evening at the babysitters (thanks again Rachel, Blake and Ronnie!).. and were off.  It was definitely fun to dress up and go out.  Plus now I can check BALL off our things-we-haven't-done list.  I'm sure/I hope there will be countless more in the future for us.

With the babe before our evening out!
With our lovely friends Nick and Abby.

And to wrap-up that busy pre-vacation weekend.. I had my first Mother's Day.  Rob got me some beautiful flowers, a card and chocolate to celebrate the day.  Along with breakfast in bed.  The rest of the day was a typical busy Sunday.  I am  so thankful I got to spend the day with Grace (though I definitely missed my own Mom).  While technically I call Piston the one that made me a mother, as he certainly prepared me for motherhood... Grace made me a 24/7-can't leave the child at home, mother.  I'm so thankful for this beautiful baby.  She's my everything.  And motherhood? It's an experience I am so far enjoying!

Late Mother's Day card for all!
My gorgeous flowers.
My girl.

Now on to trip wrap up...

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  1. You are so sweet thank you for the shout out. You are an amazing lady and military spouse! Sounds like you have had a lot of fun things going on. That Denim and Diamonds event sounds really neat! You looked absolutely gorgeous for the ball!! :)

  2. The Denim and Diamonds event sounds like a lot of fun! And you looked beautiful for the ball! Glad y'all had a good time. I hope y'all are able to make it to many more! And a Happy Belated Mother's Day to you! Momma looks good on you!

  3. HOLY HOTNESS!! You look incredible in your pictures from the Ball (you look great in your other pictures but the ball ones are amazing!!) Looks like you've been having some fun lately :) Grace is such a sweetheart - love how cute she always looks.

  4. You look so good in those pictures! Your ball pictures were especially cute!

  5. Oh I love Ross...good stuff and inexpensive! Hope you had an amazing time at the ball, I know I did when Hubby and I went!