Five Months.

This month has definitely been an interesting one... my sweet girl has grown and learned so much in the past month.. it has been fun (yet just a little sad..) and a true joy.  I have the happiest baby ever.

Your quirks this month...

.You grew out of 3 to 6 month sleepers.. and into 6 to 9 month.  You are going to be tall baby girl.

.You are still wearing 3 to 6 month clothing though.

.You are also still wearing size 2 diapers.

.You had your first bout of not feeling too well this month.  Although we never knew what you for sure had, it was either allergies or a cold.  Some coughing, congestion, sneezing and a runny nose.  It was fun for the two or three days it was here. Then you passed it on to mommy.

.You started blowing bubbles.  Which includes blowing bubbles while nursing.

.You love to lean your head against other peoples heads.  I call it mind melding.

.You started bouncing up and down while being held.

.You learned how to scream, and enjoy shrieking while playing.

.You finally truly became interested in toys this month.

.You are also really interested in everything else... Mom and Dad's phones, anything mommy is carrying while carrying you and way more.

.You discovered your thumb this month.  When your binky is not present, you can soothe yourself with your thumb.  Mommy doesn't really want a thumb sucker, but it is possibly the cutest thing ever.

.You are easily distracted while nursing these days.  A quiet room is hands down the best for you.

.You may be a lefty.  Mommy is hoping at least.  You suck your left thumb, and you reach for things with your left arm usually.

.You really became interested in people food this month.  Daddy started letting you taste (but not swallow) different foods.

.You are still on the same sleeping schedule for the most part.  Sometimes you get up to nurse around 2 am and go back to sleep.

.You love morning time with Daddy while mommy is fast asleep.

.You are still very happy and love to smile and laugh.

As usual.. I am so blessed to be your mother.  I love knowing that I am the one you will be looking for in a crowd.  The one you respond to when you hear my voice, the one you know, love and need.  It makes me feel complete.  You make me feel complete.  I love you sweet girl!

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  1. Ahw she's so adorable!! I can't wait to see my little guy do all of these things but I agree with you that it is a little sad to watch them grow...but still amazing at the same time!

  2. Here is hoping she is a lefty! ;) they are good people.

  3. So sweet! We think Maddie might be a lefty.