June 25, 2014.

Just a date on the calendar to many... but in this household June 25 is a day that holds so much meaning.

Six years ago today Rob enlisted in the United States Army.

Six years ago he signed a contract that would have ended today had he not reenlisted.
Today I am celebrating my husband and his military career.  He went from a Private to a Staff Sergeant.  He finished his Bachelor's degree.  He spent a year in Kuwait.  He made the decision to make a career out of it.  He became a NCO that his soldiers respect.  He was selected to become a Warrant Officer after his first look.  He works his ass off every single day.  For me, for his daughter, for his dog, for himself.
I am so proud of my husband, everyday.  But days like today remind me just how blessed I am to have him as my husband, best friend and baby daddy.
Happy 6 years in the Army baby!  Here's to (at least) 14 more!


And because it is wayyyyy too late to do a Father's Day wrap up post.  I just wanted to put out there that it was a success.  His grandparents got into town on Friday.. and so on Sunday they came over for some smoked ribs.  Again, my husband rocked it.  And while he had to cook his own meal, I do believe he was a very happy camper.

For Father's Day we got beer mugs made for him and his grandfather.  They read.. "Daddy, est 2014" and "Great-Grandfather, est 2014" and have Grace's name and actual footprints on the back.  My friend Rachel rocked this project for me last minute and my husband LOVES it.
(Do yourself a favor and go like RachJam Decor if you haven't already!)

Rob also got a surprise Father's Day card from Treat Cards (highly suggest this company for any of your card printing needs... it was so easy to select a design, personalize it and send it off) that showed up in the mailbox earlier in the week.  He was definitely surprised by it.


Oh and, Grace is 5 months old today.

With that.. I am headed off of here to have a discussion with a certain higher power about slowing time down just a whole lot smidge.

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  1. What a sweet gift!!

    Happy enlistment day!

  2. Happy 6 years! It really is amazing how fast the time flies by.

  3. Good luck on the slowing down time thing. :) Those are super cute beer mugs! Happy enlistment day!

  4. I love the mugs! That's a really cool gift.

  5. Congrats to your husband!!! I am in love with those mugs. I'm going to look at them for myself now!