We vacated.

We did it.
We survived.

Warning, pictures for days.

We started our journey at 2 am Wednesday (the 14th!) morning.. and completed the 14 hour drive to Kansas City just before 5 am local time.  The first 7 days were spent at my parent's house in Shawnee.

We met my best friends son Harrison, and in return my best friends met Grace.

Future couple alert!

We finally introduced Grace to my sister, her Aunt Erin and her Godmother.

We watched Aunt Erin graduate from college.

We baptized Grace.
This just shows my daughters love for her dad.
Us, Father Riley and Grace's Godparents, my sister on the left
and my best friend and her husband on the right.
Everyone (minus Derek) who came out to the baptism!

We celebrated Grace's baptism and Erin's graduation.
Proud grandma, with her baby!
Honorary Great-Grandpa makes a great napping spot..
She had 3 outfit changes...

We met Great-Uncle Allan.

We said goodbye to friends.
Natalie is the absolute sweetest with the babies!

We hung out on the patio with my parents.

We started the second leg of our journey just before 7 am the following Thursday morning.. and completed the 2 and a half hour drive to Springfield just before 10 am local time.  The next 6 days were spent at my in-law's house in Republic.

We swung.

We barbecued.
Most of Rob's dads side of the family.
Five generations.
Grace, her dad.
Her grandpa, her great-great-grandma.
Her great-grandpa, her great-grandma.

We met horses.

We visited Silver Dollar City.

We painted Grace's toes for the first time.

We played at the arcade.

And then we made the long 12 hour trek home.

We were of course reminded how blessed we are in the family department.  So many people made time to see us and meet Grace.  We were fortunate to be able to make the trip home all together.  I can't thank everyone enough...

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  1. So much fun! I opened up my blog to start writing about our Kansas trip, and I see yours! :) Too bad we missed each other!

  2. What a wonderful trip to you had!!! :) I love all the photos.

  3. AHHH I love love love that you painted her toes!! And Grace is totally a mini-me of her Dad in some of those pictures, and in others, she looks just like you - I love when babies look like both parents :) And you looked fabulous in the dress you wore for her baptism, that colour is awesome on you!

  4. She's getting so big! What a wonderful vacation.

  5. OH WOW!!! You have been busy!! I love the photos from the baptism....Grace's dress is adorable!

  6. What a great trip!! Glad you got to see everybody! That is awesome!!

  7. Absolutely wonderful!!
    And I love Grace's America's sweet heart onesie!!

  8. So much awesome family time! Grace is an absolute doll, and I'm sure it meant the world to everyone to get to spend time with her and y'all! Those painted toes are just presh.

  9. Looks like an amazing trip, a jammed packed one, but amazing. Awesome pics! She is just such a cutie!!!!!